The End Of Dating Apps


Have you ever had a feeling so strong that you know you will meet the one for you. But it won’t happen using the online method that includes dating phone apps 📱. Yesterday in my reading I got confirmation that my feeling was right. The man I meet I’ll do it the old fashion way in person.

Honestly my thought on all dating apps is this it’s all bullshit. People waste so much time on them that they miss out connecting with everyday people who pass them by on the street or in coffee shops or where ever you might be.

People are so afraid of being let down or being to shy to say hello that they miss out on possible connections. Dating apps aren’t really for dating if anything they are time wasters. I’ve heard over the years from guys when they say “I’m just to busy”, Nobody said dating was easy, no body said relationships are a walk in the park. In fact things take work. Everyone is capable of making time. It’s just a matter of how bad do you want things such as a relationship.

So my new path at the moment is to build the relationship between my self and my friendships and focus on me and my path to a fun-filled career. I’m opening my heart and my self up to the arts and the angels to guide me to the path I’m supposed to be on.

And when I’m supposed to meet the guy for me it will just happen. I’ve always said that everything happens for a reason.

Over & Out


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