Reaching A High Note

Do you ever feel like your high on life?

Well that’s me right now. Today as I was out I had so many people look at me and I couldn’t help but smile. It made me laugh a few times because I feel different. And it has to be noticeable looking at me.

Today was my last session with my therapist. I had a feeling today would be but wasn’t a 100% sure. I had told her I feel different ever since I had my mini reading from Halloween. She said the energy about me is different as well. I had asked if it was possible to see her once a month and she said no how about it be the last. I said okay though if at any time I might need her again I can call. She thought I was ready to stop a while ago but wanted me to say it.

Then after seeing her I walked to catch my bus home again people were looking at me almost like there was a light shining on my face. As I wait for the bus and chat to a friend on my headset this guy comes up and asks me for the time. I share the time with him and then he says “You have the most beautiful eyes and face, if you have a boyfriend or husband they are very lucky”. I thanked him.

My makeup today isn’t anything special


I guess the energy I give off now is pretty major. It’s a pretty awesome feeling when you’re in a self acceptance love yourself zone. And you know your self-worth is more than what you have been getting from the past and you know your worth amazing things. I don’t want to sound weird but I feel fucking fantastic.

Positive thinking will take you places.

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