Getting Your Photos Taken, WTF?

I was informed today that someone is using my photos for a Craigslist Casual Encounters Ad, based in Toronto. They stole I’m assuming two photos from my blog here as well possibly my gmail email but I’m not totally sure because I’ve sent them a few emails and they haven’t been sent to my gmail account. I’m a little confused on what the hell is going on. I received an email by some guy who responded to the ad which I’ve told them someone is posing as me.

But the two emails I’ve sent to this person saying to remove the ad I never got emails back to my gmail. The friend of mine who informed me has also sent them emails requesting them to take the photos down. I’ve contacted Craigslist telling them to remove the ad right away but so far I’ve not got any response. Talk about a violation of privacy.

Ive since gone to the two posts and have removed the photos from the posts. I guess in a way I should feel flattered and let’s face it when these people show up to meet this person they will quickly realize they have bbeen catfished and they won’t be who they say they are.

“So let’s talk about what being catfished means… A “catfish” is someone who pretends to be someone else online. This person completely assumes a fake identity and goes the extra mile to make their victim believe that they are exactly who they say they are.”

Sadly people do this for whatever reason. I just feel bad for the people who will think they are talking to me when they won’t be. The description in this ad is highly sexualized. I just wish the person who’s using my photos would use their own.

As my father puts it that’s what happens sometimes when your out on the net and you put your self out there. Just bugs me a little bit. Plus this person created the ad today. And the crazy part earlier this year or last I had created a dating ad on the same site. So when I went to change the password on the site it made me aware of an old dating ad that I had removed but no new ad and especially not one in Toronto. So it’s totally mind boggling me a little. I sure hope it gets taken down sooner than later.

The nerve of some people.



Sweater Dresses

Can I just say how much I despise shopping for these. There is a clothing store that I go to and it’s not really for super tall ladies but I have bought quite a few things from them in the last year and a half or so. Of course I have. To be in the mood to try stuff on and sure I get a few misses but for the most part I luck out. That being said Sweater Dresses are an utter nightmare. Today I decided to go to this shop that won’t be named lol. I had to have tried on at least 15 styles plus one normal length sweater top.

I tried stripes which you would think would be okay but they were not. I tried ones with a bigger neck line. I tried one that had peak-a-boo shoulders that was the normal length one. I tried a few with belts attached, those didn’t work because of where they sat. Oh also trying to find a Large was difficult anything bigger then that good luck finding. I sware some of the larges were small even though the tag clearly said large I think they were mistaken.

I did manage to get two different but similar styles. Both are black off the shoulder styles one being an inch or longer then the other. The one is basic black but can totally be glitzed up with different jewellery or scarves. And the other has a bit of Glitz with the silver threading that can be dressed up even more if one wished, it also has decorative zippers to make it funky.


I used to have a grey off the shoulder sweater but had given it away years ago when I got fat. And had wished I’d kept it around. Super happy I got these. Also one sweater at reg price was 60$ which I got for $25 & the other was $50 which I got for $20. I’d say I lucked out. It’s nice to have other sweaters that are not fleece and are long enough to cover my butt in jeans or leggings.

I love my new sweaters.

Going Bombshell Glam For New Years

So this New Years for me is pretty huge. I’ve decided to go glam it’s been a while since I’ve gone out so this year I’m gonna get glammed up.2d65986f-cd8b-48e1-960c-1b1a0fefd792

The reason for the lace front wig is that it will pop with the dress plus I don’t feel like rocking my bio hair that night. I really want to stand out and make a presence besides my height. Plus it’s one of my favourite wigs I own. It’s super pretty off the shoulders style and classy. I’m totally excited for New Years to say the least. I was able to get some great added info from one of the acts manager.

I have an idea of the type of nail polish 💅🏻 I plan on doing for the night. Possibly black with a silver or gold accent finger. As for my makeup I plan to do a smokey gold and black look I think lol. Not totally sure yet on that.

What is everyone doing for New Years? Let me know in the comments below.

Divas Strange Behaviour

This Thursday she’s going to the vet to get checked out. Since the last week of November she’s been acting odd I mean my dogs never been to overly weird but with in he last few weeks she hasn’t totally been her self. On short walks she has gotten slower by the time we are near the house she wants to be picked up. And when I pick her up and carry her home she’s very content. This seems to happen either if it’s mild/damp out. Or she’s spent to-much energy. My mom seems to think she has arthritis which could be true but without knowing for sure we don’t honestly know. Also her playtime is way shortened like all of five minutes after she plays she gets tired. The last week or so she seemed to be on a water strike to the point of her poop being hard. I then went to the supermarket and picked up no added salt chicken broth. And gave her 1/2 cup of it in the morning which she drank and then mixed some in with her water which she one day almost drank the whole bowl of water the next day it as much. So for two days we did that. I’ve  made notes to bring with me to the vet and I’m recording her time frame when she drinks water.


I’ve  also found a lump that’s fairly hard near her left arm pit size of a quarter . Yes I did go to just to see what the different bumps are that dogs get. Now here’s what’s funny, she’s eating her food just fine. And eats treats fine. I should also point out her poop has got back to normal. My mother said maybe she’s depressed because there are no other dogs around. At my parents she was surrounded by two other dogs. But here it’s just us. As I said we can maybe about different things but the reality is if you don’t know take the dog in to get checked out you’re not gonna know what the deal is. I do know though a few vet appointments ago I was told Diva had a number 1 heart murmur so I’m wondering if maybe it’s gotten worse.

I know senior dogs can slow down but she just turned 9 in August and she was fine before then. So I know full well something is wrong it’s just a question of what. I haven’t wanted to blog in a bit and till I know what’s up but here I am. Hopefully I’ll have better news when I write my next post about Diva in my follow-up. I’m hoping it’s nothing  serious and it’s just depression or something. And hopefully her lump isn’t anything major like “C”. Because wouldn’t that be a real shitty Christmas 🎁!.

Anywho that’s the latest news of Miss Diva.

TTM Update


My last post about TTM was way back in Feb. I can happily report that TTM has been no where in sight. In fact I’m doing so well I went back to having brown hair not totally by choice but I am happier. I’ve also am loving the semi-permanent hair colour that I recently tried out. I also came to know about micro-trimming and picked up some cutting shears at Walmart. So I can trim my own hair. I’m extremely proud of my self for getting past TTM and knowing what methods work for me to keep my hands out of my hair.

If I can get past TTM than I believe anyone can.

Mind over matter. No more pull. Hair is more important to me.

My best advice to other TTM folks is this

  1. Have a goal
  2. Make a game plan
  3. Get your self some hair clippers and a few wigs
  4. Forgive your self
  5. Love Your Self

The reason I suggest hair clippers is to shave the remaining hair on your head. If you have bald spots but have hair remaining you could end up pulling out the good hair. If you shave your head you can then let all your hair grow in the same time and to keep shaving your head once the new spots grow in. In the mean time while you are waiting for your hair to grow in. Rock some wigs. Either get wigs that match your old hair style or try something new. Even when I was at my worst I never pulled wig hair. Also get your self some comfortable caps. Such as bambo or cotton.

There are many wig sites out there that sell all different kinds of wigs as well caps from human hair to synthetic to high heat-resistant wigs. I still own some fabulous wigs to change-up my hair style even though I have a full head of hair because it’s more of a I’m to lazy to do my hair or I’m bored lol or want to change-up my look. I still have my two caps if need be.

The trick for me now is if my hands are in my hair a lot I just tie it up with a hair elastic or clip. Anyways as far as I am aware TTM is gone. I deal with stress differently now and no longer take it out on my hair. Of course TTM could come back at any given time but with hard work and dedication having hair is way more important to me then taking stress out on my self.

I never thought I’d ever get here or ever having my hair be as long as it is. Did I have set backs sure I did. In the beginning however you can’t beat your self up for them. Accept the mistake then turn around and forgive your self. You can beat this. You can do anything you put your mind too.

Above all else

Love Your Self.


Easy Peasy Chicken & Veg


Things You Will Need

  • Mrs Dash Chicken Seasonings
  • Boneless skinless chicken breast
  • Mixed frozen vegetables
  • EVOO aka Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Baking pan
  • Tinfoil

Remove a big enough sheet of tinfoil, place on baking sheet. Place chicken breast on one side and the frozen mix veg on the other side. Sprinkle seasoning on chicken, dribble some EVOO over both. Add salt and pepper to veg if you wish. Close tinfoil and roll the sides to make a package.

Bake on high at 400 for 25minutes. If the chicken is thicker just bake for longer.

Side note this dish also works well with fish.