TTM Update


My last post about TTM was way back in Feb. I can happily report that TTM has been no where in sight. In fact I’m doing so well I went back to having brown hair not totally by choice but I am happier. I’ve also am loving the semi-permanent hair colour that I recently tried out. I also came to know about micro-trimming and picked up some cutting shears at Walmart. So I can trim my own hair. I’m extremely proud of my self for getting past TTM and knowing what methods work for me to keep my hands out of my hair.

If I can get past TTM than I believe anyone can.

Mind over matter. No more pull. Hair is more important to me.

My best advice to other TTM folks is this

  1. Have a goal
  2. Make a game plan
  3. Get your self some hair clippers and a few wigs
  4. Forgive your self
  5. Love Your Self

The reason I suggest hair clippers is to shave the remaining hair on your head. If you have bald spots but have hair remaining you could end up pulling out the good hair. If you shave your head you can then let all your hair grow in the same time and to keep shaving your head once the new spots grow in. In the mean time while you are waiting for your hair to grow in. Rock some wigs. Either get wigs that match your old hair style or try something new. Even when I was at my worst I never pulled wig hair. Also get your self some comfortable caps. Such as bambo or cotton.

There are many wig sites out there that sell all different kinds of wigs as well caps from human hair to synthetic to high heat-resistant wigs. I still own some fabulous wigs to change-up my hair style even though I have a full head of hair because it’s more of a I’m to lazy to do my hair or I’m bored lol or want to change-up my look. I still have my two caps if need be.

The trick for me now is if my hands are in my hair a lot I just tie it up with a hair elastic or clip. Anyways as far as I am aware TTM is gone. I deal with stress differently now and no longer take it out on my hair. Of course TTM could come back at any given time but with hard work and dedication having hair is way more important to me then taking stress out on my self.

I never thought I’d ever get here or ever having my hair be as long as it is. Did I have set backs sure I did. In the beginning however you can’t beat your self up for them. Accept the mistake then turn around and forgive your self. You can beat this. You can do anything you put your mind too.

Above all else

Love Your Self.



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