Divas Strange Behaviour

This Thursday she’s going to the vet to get checked out. Since the last week of November she’s been acting odd I mean my dogs never been to overly weird but with in he last few weeks she hasn’t totally been her self. On short walks she has gotten slower by the time we are near the house she wants to be picked up. And when I pick her up and carry her home she’s very content. This seems to happen either if it’s mild/damp out. Or she’s spent to-much energy. My mom seems to think she has arthritis which could be true but without knowing for sure we don’t honestly know. Also her playtime is way shortened like all of five minutes after she plays she gets tired. The last week or so she seemed to be on a water strike to the point of her poop being hard. I then went to the supermarket and picked up no added salt chicken broth. And gave her 1/2 cup of it in the morning which she drank and then mixed some in with her water which she one day almost drank the whole bowl of water the next day it as much. So for two days we did that. I’ve  made notes to bring with me to the vet and I’m recording her time frame when she drinks water.


I’ve  also found a lump that’s fairly hard near her left arm pit size of a quarter . Yes I did go to petmd.com just to see what the different bumps are that dogs get. Now here’s what’s funny, she’s eating her food just fine. And eats treats fine. I should also point out her poop has got back to normal. My mother said maybe she’s depressed because there are no other dogs around. At my parents she was surrounded by two other dogs. But here it’s just us. As I said we can maybe about different things but the reality is if you don’t know take the dog in to get checked out you’re not gonna know what the deal is. I do know though a few vet appointments ago I was told Diva had a number 1 heart murmur so I’m wondering if maybe it’s gotten worse.

I know senior dogs can slow down but she just turned 9 in August and she was fine before then. So I know full well something is wrong it’s just a question of what. I haven’t wanted to blog in a bit and till I know what’s up but here I am. Hopefully I’ll have better news when I write my next post about Diva in my follow-up. I’m hoping it’s nothing  serious and it’s just depression or something. And hopefully her lump isn’t anything major like “C”. Because wouldn’t that be a real shitty Christmas 🎁!.

Anywho that’s the latest news of Miss Diva.


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