Sweater Dresses

Can I just say how much I despise shopping for these. There is a clothing store that I go to and it’s not really for super tall ladies but I have bought quite a few things from them in the last year and a half or so. Of course I have. To be in the mood to try stuff on and sure I get a few misses but for the most part I luck out. That being said Sweater Dresses are an utter nightmare. Today I decided to go to this shop that won’t be named lol. I had to have tried on at least 15 styles plus one normal length sweater top.

I tried stripes which you would think would be okay but they were not. I tried ones with a bigger neck line. I tried one that had peak-a-boo shoulders that was the normal length one. I tried a few with belts attached, those didn’t work because of where they sat. Oh also trying to find a Large was difficult anything bigger then that good luck finding. I sware some of the larges were small even though the tag clearly said large I think they were mistaken.

I did manage to get two different but similar styles. Both are black off the shoulder styles one being an inch or longer then the other. The one is basic black but can totally be glitzed up with different jewellery or scarves. And the other has a bit of Glitz with the silver threading that can be dressed up even more if one wished, it also has decorative zippers to make it funky.


I used to have a grey off the shoulder sweater but had given it away years ago when I got fat. And had wished I’d kept it around. Super happy I got these. Also one sweater at reg price was 60$ which I got for $25 & the other was $50 which I got for $20. I’d say I lucked out. It’s nice to have other sweaters that are not fleece and are long enough to cover my butt in jeans or leggings.

I love my new sweaters.


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