Accepting My Glitter Highlights LOL


As my hair grows out so does my glitter high lights. Sure most people won’t see them because I’m tall unless they are standing over me if I’m sitting. But realizing I have more grey up there then not is the sad truth. But isn’t grey hair in still?. The bonus of not dying my hair is saving the integrity of my scalp and hair. Not having to spend money on hair dyes. Also the damaging effects it can have on the hair follicles and scalp.

I’ve put my hair into some serious dying situations. And believe it or not I’m surprised I still have hair. From trying to go platinum blonde in October of 2016 to going back to brown and doing it all by my self. I’m done coloring my hair with harsh chemicals. For once I’d like to see what my natural color looks like since I really have no idea 💡 lol.

Someone asked me what my natural color was and I couldn’t tell them. I’m like once the roots grow in then I’ll know lol. I’m excited to see more of my natural color come in. Am I thrilled about my glitter high lights hell no but it is what it is. And I’m accepting it now. Sadly everyone ages so might as well just accept it!.

Also there are other natural ways to dye the hair without harsh chemicals such as coffee. Yup you read that right you can dye your hair using coffee. Though I’m not sure 🤔 I’ll be doing that any time soon.

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Free Wig Say What?

I was contacted back in December by a wig company to which they said they loved my reviews and asked if I would do one for them. They sent me a wig free of charge but I had to sign a contract first. In the contract it listed everything I had to put in the description box. As well take a few photos for them. I was able to get a 10% discount for my subscribers which was also great.

I was super excited to get contacted by this company because I’ve seen other Wig YouTubers review wigs for them. I hope to work with this company again. If you want to check out the video you can do so by clicking Here.

Its funny but I always wondered if people in the states were the only ones that would get contacted but low and behold I was picked. So yay me lol. Wigs are a great option if you want to try out a hair style or change-up your color and not ruin or damage or mess with your own hair. They are also great if your suffering from hair loss of any kind.

I hope I’m able to work with this company again and bring more wig reviews for all of you.

If you are interested in purchasing a wig from Uniwigs use my coupon Lana10 to get 10% off your wig.

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I’ve faced this many times in my life of varying degrees everything from homophobia to transphobia and the nasty 😷 vile words people have thrown in my direction. Yesterday as I was on my way out of my buildings lobby holding my dog. I had said to this guy who was blocking the door “Excuse Me” so I could get by. And his response was to call me a “Fag” as well some other words I wasn’t able to understand. I basically said “fuck off” under my breath and went and walked my dog.

I’ve never seen this person before and I doubt he lives at my building but nonetheless it didn’t make me feel great. My inner diva wants to take a baseball bat to his face. But that wouldn’t fix anything. But it would feel good. Sadly there are vile people out there who think they can throw words around at people and get away with it. But one of these days that person they think will take their words but in turn will punish them even worse such as knocking them the fuck out.

It’s bad enough when your already not feeling that great but then have that thrown your way. It’s like here have a little piece of a shit pie. Today I cried. I cried because things like that bother me. Things like that brings me down. And it’s shit like that that reminds me there is still disgusting people in the world 🌎. It pains me that there is still so many negative vile people who are uneducated people who think it’s okay to be phobic towards who ever they want to be towards.


I’m literally upset

Going from a high to a super low. This whole alopecia areata hair loss bullshit is a total jerk. Finding out I now have an autoimmune disease. I refuse to have to wear wigs again or at the very least wear them full-time. I’d like to get a topper to integrate it into my hair. I’ve looked around and have set my eyes on Norikos Milan. It’s fairly priced for a synthetic piece. And it’s a little bigger then the normal small pieces that are out there. It comes in multiple colours with high lights and what not. And the length would work for my hair now. I’m thinking either like a ginger brown or chocolate swirl that has pretty highlights in it. The Milan has five clips with a single mono top and is a little longer on the sides and back in case you have thinning or bald patches missing on the sides.

I never thought I’d have to deal with this. And it makes me upset that now I have to deal with this hurdle too. I’ve also decided to quit putting harsh chemicals on my scalp / hair in the sense of dyes or harsh shampoos. It pains me that I have to deal with also having grey hair on top of that. Another reason I want a topper. And till I can get one I am thinking of wearing a few of my darker wigs and till I can afford to buy the topper. Thankfully it’s winter.

I’ve joined a AA group on Facebook for support. It’s like why do I have to deal with this shit now?. Oh and to top that off I’m having eczema flair ups which is annoying as all crap. I know things happen for a reason but seriously 😒 😑.

I went and had some blood work done yesterday so I’m hoping when I see my doctor tomorrow he will let me know if there is anything I need to know about like hormone levels or whatever. I know he said he was adding some things to look at now that this stuff is new. So we shall see.

Hair is over rated 😑

Alopecia Areata

I thought I wrote a post about this but it turns out I haven’t. I’ll start by saying all the hard work I’ve done to grow my hair out this happens to me. After my documentary was filmed I noticed a round patch of hair missing near the front of my hairline. It’s about the size of a dime.

I thought that’s strange. How did that happen?. I first googled and went to webmd then asked someone wiggy friends I know who have hair loss issues. I finally went to my doctor and he told me I had Alopecia Areata.

If you don’t know what that is it’s this.

Alopecia (al-oh-PEE-shah) means hair loss. When a person has a medical condition called alopecia areata (ar-ee-AH-tah), the hair falls out in round patches. The hair can fall out on the scalp and elsewhere on the body.

Alopecia areata can cause different types of hair loss. Each of these types has a different name:

Alopecia areata (hair loss in patches).
Alopecia totalis (lose all hair on the scalp).
Alopecia universalis (lose all hair on the body).

Of course this is bothersome.

What causes alopecia areata?
Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune means that the body’s immune system attacks the body. When alopecia areata develops, the body attacks its own hair follicles. A person’s genetic makeup, combined with other factors, triggers this form of hair loss.

People with alopecia areata may have a higher risk for:

Another autoimmune disease such as thyroid disease or vitiligo (patches of lighter skin appear)
Asthma and allergies, mainly atopic dermatitis (more commonly called eczema) and hay fever (nasal allergies)
Having relatives who have asthma, allergies, or an autoimmune disease such as type 1 diabetes

all info taken from  American Academy of dermatology 

This is probably something I’m totally upset over. It’s like finally I have the hair I’ve always wanted and 💥 BAM!!! I now have this to deal with. My doctor did recommend a Cream that I could use but was told it can thin the skin and it could blister. So I decided not to go with that and just leave it alone.

I did find another spot at my hair-line where it’s smooth as a baby’s butt and that’s not cute. It’s like stop falling out. Why does this have to happen now!!!

It may grow back and it may not. At the moment it’s not to noticeable so that’s a huge plus. I feel if it gets worse I’ll wear one of my wigs.

It just fucking sucks!!!!

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So back in October I went to a Halloween party and while I was there they had a burlesque performance. The woman who did it I was able to chat to and we talked and I thought it would be so cool to get into it.

Then I went and saw the same girl dance with her troupe and when I was at that show they wanted volunteers to do the  shimmy. I won second place as well got a pair of pasties with tassels.

Well fast forward a month or so and a shit ton of hours and glue, rhinestones,  fringe and practise. I put together two numbers. Also two different outfits and added some wigs as well.

Here is my custom bra and panties set.

The panties I did add a few more stones to the fringe. The tassels are hand sewn. I did put together another pantie that is similar to that one but less fringe.

I was nervous all of Tuesday to be honest and since we’re being honest I did think about backing out. But spending all the hours in creating my costume and practising my numbers it was an all in type of thing.

I debuted this past Tuesday as Kandy’s Secret. The first number went okay though I didn’t completely stick to routine most likely from nerves but my second number went pretty well minus a slight shoe issue same thing with the first act the shoes wanted to do something else lol.

The two songs I did was:

Marilyn Monroes: My Heart Belongs To Daddy.

Madonnas: Human Nature

I rocked my Gabor short blonde lace-front wig for the Marilyn number and then Bennett Lace front wig from Noriko.

I think going forward though, I may scrap the wig for Madonnas number and just rock my own hair with a clip-pony. Less sweat as well less hot. It’s one thing to dance on stage it’s another to do it under lights. I also lip sang Madonnas number.

I met some wonderful performers and got some great advice for going forward. Where I did my performance they do different events for the same community and they do these types of shows two Tuesdays of the month. I plan to go back on Jan 31st and do one of my numbers again. By going back I can get better at perfecting my acts.

The best part is they video record it and post it to the Facebook page of the community. I’ve also made a page for my persona. Anyways it was a blast, I highly enjoyed my self and will be going again for sure.

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Owning Your Body!


So I’m not entirely sure but I think one of the reasons I wanted to lose weight was to get my body back to where it once was but better. Also last month of last year I’ve been working on putting together a Burlesque costume for my first burlesque performance that’s happening next week.

For me burlesque is a celebration of the body. Accepting it for what it is as well of course the art of burlesque. I’ve spent hours on creating the costume as well practising the song over and over and over again. And let me tell you it’s not super easy!. Having to basically remove clothes to a song looks easy but it’s not. But it’s super fun.

I’m also pushing my self to do something that’s out there, out of my comfort zone. Also there is this scar on my tummy that I’ve always disliked it’s fairly large. And I’m going to bare it and embrace it and love it. And even though nobody will really care because at the end of all of it it’s in my head and they will be watching all of me not be focusing on that. I’m doing this to totally embrace and love my body for what it is.

This year is about taking my body back, becoming the best I can be. And that I’m worth more than I’ve allowed my self to be in the past. Loving my self for who I am all my  quirks and stretch marks and all that Jazz. I’ve also decided to be celibate this year and hold out till I meet my guy. The guy I’m supposed to meet. That should be pretty easy to do since dating apps aren’t for me and I got rid of all friends with benefits bye bye suckers 😂 lol.

I’m sorta anti men right now. As I was telling a girlfriend of mine last night, I just don’t want anyone touching me or vice versa when it comes to anything romantic. I’m eating pretty darn healthy and I’m really excited for 2017.

I’m still working out 🏋 and feel pretty good about my body, heck my size 2s are fitting fabulously so that’s a plus. Hair is growing nicely. Nails are kinda short but whatever lol. Big things are coming for 2017 and loving my body for what it is has always been a big thing for me but I can finally say I do and I keep doing things to love it.

I take my self to the movies by my self. I usually always cook for my self. And am always impressed when I put together a meal 🥘 I’ve never cooked before and it turns out amazing. Also my fashion choices I’m always blown away by when I put an outfit together and it looks amazing. And even when I do my hair and it turns out the way I wanted it to I always feel like wow you look 👍🏻 great.

Everyday is a new fabulous day. I wake up usually always chipper and I am definitely a morning 👩‍💻 person.

P.S. My Body Fucking Rocks!!!!!