Hello 2017!

Hi everyone, so it’s now Jan 2nd 2017 and this is my first post for this New Year. My New Years was an interesting day/night.

But before I get into that just a quick update on my photos being used for a causal encounters ad that was posted on Craigslist. They took the photos from my blog here as well as I guess my gmail addy because I ended up getting a few emails from guys. I quickly shot them down and told them it wasn’t a real ad. I also removed the two photos off my blog. One of my girl friends said it happened to her but over on Instagram. It’s like people get a fucking hobby.

Moving on, New Years I was to hang out with a friend but he had to cancel on Friday so we didn’t chill but it all worked out by the time I went to the club. Also a girlfriend of mine was to come over and we would go together but again that didn’t happen and I took the bus downtown. Which also worked out well because it was free after 4:30pm and funny enough it didn’t take to long to get down there even with all the snow.

I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to wear so I posted a video on my YouTube asking everyone what to wear.

I then waited for feed back and then took my time to get ready. I did something for the first time I had never done before which was my eye makeup first, I used a primer. Did my eyes all glammed. Then I had dinner, flossed and brushed my teeth and then finished off my makeup and was able to do a part two video and uploaded it.

I was thrilled with how my makeup turned out and my outfit turned out pretty amazing as well. I’m super glad that I didn’t fall when walking in the snow with my red leather boots that are not winterized .

What was funny was everyone thought I had dyed my hair. Honestly that Gabor wig the way the colouring has been done on it as well the front of the lace-front blends so perfectly into the skin. It’s so realistic. I’d have to say it’s probably my top favourite wig I own. And for the first time like ever I wore a wig cap, my hair was so well hidden. Also bobbie pinned perfectly helps.

I got lucky in the sense of I didn’t need to uber  home I was lucky to get a ride home from a friend. Though the shots that I had consumed at the bar which I think was maybe four. I did upchuck at my place but I think the mix of the shots the drinks and the nibbles mixed together didn’t help.

Needless to say I had a fab time, reconnected with an old friend and met some new fabulous people. Oh also I even danced which was a hell of fun. All around I had a fabulous time with amazing friends.

Im super excited for this year.


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