Owning Your Body!


So I’m not entirely sure but I think one of the reasons I wanted to lose weight was to get my body back to where it once was but better. Also last month of last year I’ve been working on putting together a Burlesque costume for my first burlesque performance that’s happening next week.

For me burlesque is a celebration of the body. Accepting it for what it is as well of course the art of burlesque. I’ve spent hours on creating the costume as well practising the song over and over and over again. And let me tell you it’s not super easy!. Having to basically remove clothes to a song looks easy but it’s not. But it’s super fun.

I’m also pushing my self to do something that’s out there, out of my comfort zone. Also there is this scar on my tummy that I’ve always disliked it’s fairly large. And I’m going to bare it and embrace it and love it. And even though nobody will really care because at the end of all of it it’s in my head and they will be watching all of me not be focusing on that. I’m doing this to totally embrace and love my body for what it is.

This year is about taking my body back, becoming the best I can be. And that I’m worth more than I’ve allowed my self to be in the past. Loving my self for who I am all my  quirks and stretch marks and all that Jazz. I’ve also decided to be celibate this year and hold out till I meet my guy. The guy I’m supposed to meet. That should be pretty easy to do since dating apps aren’t for me and I got rid of all friends with benefits bye bye suckers 😂 lol.

I’m sorta anti men right now. As I was telling a girlfriend of mine last night, I just don’t want anyone touching me or vice versa when it comes to anything romantic. I’m eating pretty darn healthy and I’m really excited for 2017.

I’m still working out 🏋 and feel pretty good about my body, heck my size 2s are fitting fabulously so that’s a plus. Hair is growing nicely. Nails are kinda short but whatever lol. Big things are coming for 2017 and loving my body for what it is has always been a big thing for me but I can finally say I do and I keep doing things to love it.

I take my self to the movies by my self. I usually always cook for my self. And am always impressed when I put together a meal 🥘 I’ve never cooked before and it turns out amazing. Also my fashion choices I’m always blown away by when I put an outfit together and it looks amazing. And even when I do my hair and it turns out the way I wanted it to I always feel like wow you look 👍🏻 great.

Everyday is a new fabulous day. I wake up usually always chipper and I am definitely a morning 👩‍💻 person.

P.S. My Body Fucking Rocks!!!!!


One thought on “Owning Your Body!

  1. Yes it does!! 🙂 I love going to the movies by myself; I can totally concentrate on the film and I don’t have to entertain anyone. I like going out to eat by myself too – always have 🙂

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