So back in October I went to a Halloween party and while I was there they had a burlesque performance. The woman who did it I was able to chat to and we talked and I thought it would be so cool to get into it.

Then I went and saw the same girl dance with her troupe and when I was at that show they wanted volunteers to do the  shimmy. I won second place as well got a pair of pasties with tassels.

Well fast forward a month or so and a shit ton of hours and glue, rhinestones,  fringe and practise. I put together two numbers. Also two different outfits and added some wigs as well.

Here is my custom bra and panties set.

The panties I did add a few more stones to the fringe. The tassels are hand sewn. I did put together another pantie that is similar to that one but less fringe.

I was nervous all of Tuesday to be honest and since we’re being honest I did think about backing out. But spending all the hours in creating my costume and practising my numbers it was an all in type of thing.

I debuted this past Tuesday as Kandy’s Secret. The first number went okay though I didn’t completely stick to routine most likely from nerves but my second number went pretty well minus a slight shoe issue same thing with the first act the shoes wanted to do something else lol.

The two songs I did was:

Marilyn Monroes: My Heart Belongs To Daddy.

Madonnas: Human Nature

I rocked my Gabor short blonde lace-front wig for the Marilyn number and then Bennett Lace front wig from Noriko.

I think going forward though, I may scrap the wig for Madonnas number and just rock my own hair with a clip-pony. Less sweat as well less hot. It’s one thing to dance on stage it’s another to do it under lights. I also lip sang Madonnas number.

I met some wonderful performers and got some great advice for going forward. Where I did my performance they do different events for the same community and they do these types of shows two Tuesdays of the month. I plan to go back on Jan 31st and do one of my numbers again. By going back I can get better at perfecting my acts.

The best part is they video record it and post it to the Facebook page of the community. I’ve also made a page for my persona. Anyways it was a blast, I highly enjoyed my self and will be going again for sure.

Over & Out


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