I’m literally upset

Going from a high to a super low. This whole alopecia areata hair loss bullshit is a total jerk. Finding out I now have an autoimmune disease. I refuse to have to wear wigs again or at the very least wear them full-time. I’d like to get a topper to integrate it into my hair. I’ve looked around and have set my eyes on Norikos Milan. It’s fairly priced for a synthetic piece. And it’s a little bigger then the normal small pieces that are out there. It comes in multiple colours with high lights and what not. And the length would work for my hair now. I’m thinking either like a ginger brown or chocolate swirl that has pretty highlights in it. The Milan has five clips with a single mono top and is a little longer on the sides and back in case you have thinning or bald patches missing on the sides.

I never thought I’d have to deal with this. And it makes me upset that now I have to deal with this hurdle too. I’ve also decided to quit putting harsh chemicals on my scalp / hair in the sense of dyes or harsh shampoos. It pains me that I have to deal with also having grey hair on top of that. Another reason I want a topper. And till I can get one I am thinking of wearing a few of my darker wigs and till I can afford to buy the topper. Thankfully it’s winter.

I’ve joined a AA group on Facebook for support. It’s like why do I have to deal with this shit now?. Oh and to top that off I’m having eczema flair ups which is annoying as all crap. I know things happen for a reason but seriously 😒 😑.

I went and had some blood work done yesterday so I’m hoping when I see my doctor tomorrow he will let me know if there is anything I need to know about like hormone levels or whatever. I know he said he was adding some things to look at now that this stuff is new. So we shall see.

Hair is over rated 😑


2 thoughts on “I’m literally upset

  1. Aw, I’m so sorry Lana. The eczema could be from stress, not that it helps to know that. You know I am here for you if you need anything. Don’t let this slow you down in your burlesque, though. That brings you joy and I think it can really help you take your mind off this for awhile if you keep pursuing it.

    1. Thanks, yea I need to get a control on the eczema first since these flair ups are itchy, I have medicated cream I just need new spots to not show up. I may have to wait in the performing part till it clears up.

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