I’ve faced this many times in my life of varying degrees everything from homophobia to transphobia and the nasty 😷 vile words people have thrown in my direction. Yesterday as I was on my way out of my buildings lobby holding my dog. I had said to this guy who was blocking the door “Excuse Me” so I could get by. And his response was to call me a “Fag” as well some other words I wasn’t able to understand. I basically said “fuck off” under my breath and went and walked my dog.

I’ve never seen this person before and I doubt he lives at my building but nonetheless it didn’t make me feel great. My inner diva wants to take a baseball bat to his face. But that wouldn’t fix anything. But it would feel good. Sadly there are vile people out there who think they can throw words around at people and get away with it. But one of these days that person they think will take their words but in turn will punish them even worse such as knocking them the fuck out.

It’s bad enough when your already not feeling that great but then have that thrown your way. It’s like here have a little piece of a shit pie. Today I cried. I cried because things like that bother me. Things like that brings me down. And it’s shit like that that reminds me there is still disgusting people in the world 🌎. It pains me that there is still so many negative vile people who are uneducated people who think it’s okay to be phobic towards who ever they want to be towards.


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