Hello Marcelle CC Cream & DIY Tinted EyeBrows?

So my tried and true love of Physicians Formula Super CC Cream failed in a way where I think the product went bad because it had these weird grainy bits. Anyways I needed a new cc cream and came about Marcelle’s CC Cream. This stuff is amazing and I love it. It’s got 24K pure gold in it with a SPF of 35. It has more shade options and a ton more beauty and skin care benefits. Check out my video review of it below. Also you can order it on-line as well from Marcelle.com

Now on to brows. My brows are not as dark as I’d like them to be and that’s one of the reasons why I fill them in. As I get older they seem to be getting lighter. Anyways I did some googling about best ways for eyebrow tinting but diy style. I tried coffee and that wasn’t amazing. Then I read a few articals about women using a product that is mainly for men. It’s called Just For Men Beard Tint. It works in 5 minutes.

It comes with two small bottles one of color the other developer a mixing container and a small duel ended applicator. You put two small pea sizes next to each other and mix it up. Also to protect the surrounding skin use either coconut oil or Vaseline. I wish I knew this trick years ago. Save your self some money by not getting your brows tinted at a salon. I also watched a ton of videos over on YouTube even a well known makeup artist from NYC who recommends doing this. It literally will save you time. It lasts three weeks or so and it gives you multiple brow treatments because you’re using such a small amount. Check out my video and see for your self.

Over & Out


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