Miss Divas Health Update


So Miss Diva went to the vet, the lump that I found was nothing to worry about just normal aging. Her thyroid was lower than normal so now she’s taking medication for it. It was tested recently and it was then quite high but now she’s taking half a pill every 12 hours. She will have to remain on this medication for the remaining of her life.

Also sure some days she will play more than others but the biggest improvement was a few days were milder and we went on some pretty long walks like we use to last year and she did great. Didn’t even have to carry her so I was very happy about that.

She also had these spots of patches of fur loss/dryness stuff happening they we’re swobbed and everything came back normal from the test that took place. But a few days after I found a few spots that were bigger and one was very dark coloured on her neck to which I took photos and sent them to the vet.

Diva is now taking antibiotics to clear that stuff up. I have cleaned the spots here and there. I’m hoping it clears it up other wise more blood work will have to take place and find out the underlining cause. At first we thought it was the thyroid but now the vet thinks it’s a anti viral issue.

On the positive side of things she finally pooped on her potty patch yesterday which I was thrilled about. It was pretty icy yesterday evening so I was happy to not have to go out with her. She has used her potty patch many times to pee. But yesterday was he first time she pooped. Yay diva lol.

So that’s the latest update with Diva.


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