Saying Goodbye To Negative People

I’m just not putting up with negative people anymore. I’m also not dealing with people who have nothing else better to do but put me down. I can fully admit my flaws and I can fully admit when I’m wrong or apologize if I’ve hurt someone’s feelings. I never say I’m perfect in any way because I know I’m not and I sure as hell know other people aren’t as well.

Last Summer I had reconnected with an old best friend of mine. But that friend is still very much the Negative Nancy. A conversation we had a few weeks ago he thought it would be okay to bring up his opinions on me. We were having a conversation and yes I was bitching a little bit.  I told him I’m sorry if I was being harsh but he had also been doing the same thing about one of his friends. And we moved on. It was a lighthearted bitch fest nothing I was saying was over the top and we were laughing. It was like old times.

We had been discussing me going to Toronto this summer and the plan was for me to stay with him. And then yesterday’s shit show happened.




I’ve had it with these types of people. You can point out flaws I may or may not have, that you think I have but that’s your problem not mine. Notice how he told me how he thought I was but wouldn’t give me a reason in why he thought what he thought.

What I thought was funny is that he said I’d question everything he said, I would ask questions because I wanted to know more of what he said or meant. As far as I know that’s normal to ask questions.

Egotistical, Shallow and Narcissistic at times.

I have a real problem with these terms.

1. When I was younger sure I might have had a few of those but then who didn’t, this friend of mine when he was younger and skinny he loved all the attention he got from all his muscle built men that were after him. What I remember was he never slept with any fat men if they were not built like a brick house he wasn’t into them, they also had to be extremely masculine if they were twinks as he put it, he wasn’t interested.

2. When I went to 238lbs being sick of being fat I don’t think has anything to do with any of those. But when I was fat I attracted nobody. I was extremely unhappy, I didn’t fit into anything cute, I hated my body and I hated how I looked. Also I was extremely negative more oftentimes then not because I wasn’t happy.

3. Have I always been attracted to muscular men HELL YES, I want to feel safe when I’m with a man and I can’t help liking and being attracted to what I like. Do they need to have a personality HELL YES. Also muscles turn my crank it’s my thing just like other people like what they like. That being said I’ve dated all types of guys, skinny guys,short guys,tall guys,fat guys,kinky guys all types. What I prefer are tall, muscled, masculine men.

Image is everything to you, in all the wrong ways, your all looks and no brain

Yup I’m a fucking walking talking Barbie doll!

Boy he knows me so well. I should go find my Ken then and we should go play in the sand box.

Not once did I throw shade to this person or bring up how much he whines over his family or his friends or how he’s a miserable person. I was hoping he had grown up but he showed me he’s still the same negative nancy he was when we stopped talking. The only difference then was he hung up on me because we were having a discussion. This time he hid behind his phone on Facebook messenger and just didn’t give me any real reason behind what he was saying to me. It’s like he was hoping we would stop speaking.

What I have learned from this situation is some people never grow as a person and they never truly grow up. I know it’s harder to think positive and be positive but the more you do it the easier it gets. Life is to fucking short to keep negativity in your life or keep negative people around. Do I love my self whole heartedly now yes and I’ll be damned to let other people try to put me down or use words against me that aren’t even true. If you are someone who’s overly negative or your having issues within your self look in the mirror first and if the person looking back at you you’re not fond of then change. Or better yet let the person go because nobody wants to socialize or be around negative people except other negative people.

I have absolutely no interest in becoming friends with this person again. I wish them well in their life but I hope he wakes up one day and realizes life is way more important then being miserable and negative.

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Negative People

  1. Yeah none of the ways this person described you sounds like you! It also sounds like he has been gossiping about you with someone else-maybe the Kylie person. Sounds like a laundry list of complaints he has been harboring for awhile then spit out via text rather than in person so you would have less of a chance of defending yourself. He has a lot of growing up to do. You are leagues ahead in your maturity.

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