Social Media Is Ruining Our Lives


I’m sure I can say with a definite yes I’m not alone in saying I’m getting bored with everything online. Since joining Instagram I’ve wanted to delete it many times. In fact I’d like to delete Facebook but due to the 100s of photos of my dog on it and the family or friends it’s my only way of staying connected. Also since creating my burlesque persona I need it to stay connect with that community.

Facebook used to be fun, when it became suddenly over political I literally got unhappy even going on. Also people think because you like something someone posted or shared or commented that you are staying connected in reality your most likely not that connected with these people. And I can totally admit that I have done all of it as well.

Everyone says they are just so busy and that’s why these same people can’t pick up the phone to call you just to see how you’re doing, because you know they know how you’re  doing from what you are posting on Facebook and it counts if they talk to you through Facebook messenger or some other messenger which is does not!.

I’m calling everyone out on their BullShit! Usually you hear “I’m just sooooo busy sorry for not calling”. Yet two minutes later you see their ass on Facebook sharing a stupid photo or a video of a cat or of the like.

Also when did Society become so self-absorbed, Instagram it’s 💕 how many hearts can your photo get or Facebook likes. I can’t comment on Twitter because I refuse to use it Facebook is enough. I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of Instagram. And posting less on Facebook.

I really miss just being able to socialize with friends and talk voice calls over the phone and spend quality time in person with my friends. Sadly we now live in an age where everything is almost done online. That’s why I really cherish going to my Meetup Group and spending time with my friends there and laughing and being present in the now.

Because those are the memories that count and what I will remember later on. Not who shared what on Facebook or what photo I saw on Instagram.

Id rather spend my time remembering the quality time I’ve spent being present in the  physical form than the computer,tablet,smartphone form.


Sadly it’s only going to get worse if we don’t do something about it. As a Society we need to value our selves more, step away from online and reconnect with who we are as people. We need to be connected  physically to people. You can’t hug your friends online, a hug gives you human touch. An online hug does squat! Laughing is also good for the soul but I think laughing with friends in person is way more fun then seeing something on a screen a friend posted online.

And even though I’m saying all this and your reading it possibly agreeing with me and thinking to your self I need to call her or I need to call one of my friends and say hi, do your self a favour and make plans to go for coffee with whom ever and stick to the plans. Stay connected, get connected or even better reconnect.

Goodbye Instagram!

Posting less on Facebook!



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