The Number Collectors

Not sure if this post will go into the dating category because I’m not doing any of that right now but it seems to be the time of year or month where the number collectors come out. Yesterday some dude by the name of Jay thought it would be okay to text me saying “Hi Lana” then goes on to see if I remember them of course I don’t. And till he sends me a photo and I sorta remember him. Apparently we spoke from POF Plenty Of Fish dating site but I haven’t been on there since 2015, then I asked if he had used anything else and he said Tinder.

He said he had lost his phone and just got it back recently and thought he would send me a text.

Then he got all stupid than I had to tell him to go educate him self. He had asked if he could take me for a drink sometime I said sure but didn’t mean it lol. Then he sends a text 3 minutes to midnight. I didn’t hear it thankfully other wise I’d tell him where to go.

This morning I get a text from some other dude named Tristan apparently we met last summer went for drinks and he’s from Toronto. He thought to text me out of the blue because he’s coming back to Ottawa and wanted to know if we could meet. I turned him down right away and said sorry not interested and please lose my number.

The guy from last night texts me and is all like good morning, asked what I was doing today I said I was busy, he’s like I was wondering if you want to go for drinks tonight. I declined and then I gave him some valuable advice like if your really into someone to not wait such a long ass time to get a hold of the person.

This is another reason I dislike and despise online apps/sites, people go ghost they also will disappear after a while and then think it’s totally okay to send out texts messages after so long. Stop collecting numbers if you fade away don’t reappear thinking you will get into the persons good books. More often than not we don’t want to hear from you.

The old me would have most likely met these people because of being lonely but the new me would rather leave those people in the past where they belong. I’m totally over those people. I’m over online dating/hookup apps/sites. But I’m 💯 % over people who randomly text thinking I’m going to remember them or will want to give them another go/chance.

Bye Felicia!


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