Creating A Burlesque Act

So in May there is this event called Ottawa Burlesque Expo and I’ve entered my self into it. I had to pay a small fee and send in my application form as well an extremely rough copy video of my act. Hopefully if I get accepted then I’m doing one number but there is a lot of pieces to put this one act together. Because the theme of it is surrounded by a piece of food. Though no real food will be apart of it.

I’m using higher grade rhinestones for this costume then basic dollar store ones. Gem-tak glue to adhere them instead of a glue gun lol. I really want this act to stand out. I bought this dress that’s 1950s style which is black with white polka dots. I spent three days gluing rhinestones to every dot but ran out of stones so I’m currently waiting on the new batch to come in.

The petticoat I ordered from Amazon came in as well as the cute ovens mitts,


As you can guess from the oven mitt the theme is cupcakes. The oven mitts came two for a super cheap price. The stones are called Crystal AB which stands for like a rainbow color on the stones so different angles shows different colors. For this act I require a small table and went looking online and found this cute one for $24.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond but when I got to the store they had one left and with tax it only cost get this $7.99, I asked the cashier if there was a mistake and she said no.


The only small issue is it’s not foldable but it’s small enough that I could bring it with me in an uber if need be come May. Other wise I might just save it and get a foldable TV tray stand not entirely sure yet.

Also I was on the hunt for an undergarment bottoms that had a cupcake motif well low and behold I found something on Etsy so I’m excited for when they come in. Also I was on the hunt for faux cupcakes. Found some on Etsy but people wanted like $30 for 1 cupcake. Then I went looking at a site that they sell fake food but they wanted credit cards only I was highly disappointed when they got back to me and said sorry we don’t accept visa debt. I told them they may want to get with the times since most online stores these days accept PayPal.

I then went to google and YouTube and found some great info for diy cupcakes using home hardware products and styrofoam balls and acrylic paint and caulking and stuff. So I’ll be making my own as far as that goes.

I’ve also compiled a song well two and put them together using a program to make one song. It’s soooo good omg.

Im hoping to compile and finish everything before March 28th so I can debut this act at a story telling Burlesque event. If I can’t then I hope to do it in April. I’m also on the hunt for a half apron and possibly a cardigan I can sparkle up.

Its probably the most complex act but it’s only going to last 3:19 minutes. It’s just a lot of costume pieces sorta. Things I don’t own but have to put together. Also the dress had this zipper that I took out and replaced with a new zipper and two side panels.

I’m not totally sure I’ll add rhinestones to the front straps but I might half way up. The zipper didn’t go all the way down. So I bought a new one and made sure it was long enough so the damn dress would go over my butt. It fits perfectly now so I’m happy with it as well impressed with my self for making it work. And it will do for what I need it for. I was going to go to a seamstress but I didn’t want to spend more money on something I could easily fix my self. The zipper isn’t perfect but that’s okay. People are probably not going to be focused on it.


I’m excited about the dress to be finished and to debut the act. The only downside to the 100% cotton dress dog fur gets stuck to the dress easily. So I’ll have to make sure to have it fur free come performance time. So this is what I have been up to recently. But I know when all is completed it’s going to be amazing.


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