Dear Readers

Of Facebook, Google, WordPress and how ever else you find my blog. I’m writing to you for the simple fact of a huge thankyou for taking time out of your life to read my stories and memories and whatever else I have on my brain. I’m going to be taking a short break from blogging. Mainly because I’m sorta tapped out. I don’t have any huge things to write about. And so I need to just enjoy life and when I decide to come back well you will see a post. At the moment things are great. Diva seems to be doing a lot better and she has no new crazy spots which I’m thankful for. Her energy level is what it is and I’m sure it’s because of her age, it’s hard to realize because I was so used to her being a high energy dog. She definitely has her moments of it but being at my parents house the last two weeks even with her being around the other dogs she’s not full force of energy. She will play for five minutes or so then stop playing. Also the weather has been all over the place. Anywho she’s doing as good as one can be. And crazy she will be ten years old come August 24th. Where has the time gone?.

I’ve lost a few pounds so I’m thrilled about that. Hair is growing out nicely and life is pretty good right now. With that here is a fun chit-chat video I posted to my YT channel last week. I hope everyone is doing well and talk soon but not to soon.


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