Hey Girl Do You Wear You’re Wigs Anymore?

I recently asked one of my friends that exact question. I was like “Out of all the wigs you own do you wear any of them or just rock your own hair?”.

Her response was this “Hardly Ever”

Because we both have been growing our hair out. And yes I have sported a wig here and there but I don’t wear them all the time. I usually just forgo them and just rock my bio hair. Do I still love wigs yes I think I will always have a love for them. But the need or want to wear them all the time has faded.

Also with the higher prices that some of these wig companies are now charging for synthetic wigs it’s nuts more so the caucasian wig brands such as Jon Renau or Raquel Welch. No synthetic wig should cost $450+ if it doesn’t have 24K high lights or something lmao.

The higher quality wigs I own I will most likely keep and till they disintegrate ☺️, I guess I’m also not rocking wigs much any more in everyday life is because I have my own hair that is long enough that I can do many different styles with. Though wigs have come in handy for my burlesque acts which has been great.

I’ll always be a wig lover but as far as buying new wigs I don’t think I’ll be doing that for a long time. And if I ever do I’ll hunt the clearance sections first on the wig sites. I did just find out that the one beauty shop in the mall I go to sells clip-on ponys for a super great affordable price so that’s exciting.

Also some of the wigs I recently got I have sold some gave away some and I plan to donate the rest to the cancer salon here in town.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “Hey Girl Do You Wear You’re Wigs Anymore?

  1. That new Sarah by Renau looks pretty but OMG $450 retail is nuts – my Botox costs less than that, and I bet it lasts longer too! LOL. And I am way into updos right now, especially pulling my hair into a bun like I showed you a while back. I almost never wear it down anymore when I go out.

  2. That Sarah is heat defiant fibre ugh hate that fibre anyway lol. No synthetic wig should cost that much!!!.

    Long hair is way more fun then short. The only thing I dislike is washing it lol takes longer to air dry.

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