Dear You

I know growing up was difficult. You had a hard time learning, and information wasn’t something that came to you easy. If anything it was extremely hard to learn everything. From not speaking and till the age of 4-5 years old. Friends were hard to make being extremely shy didn’t help.

And being put into a  special ed class was not a fun experience. You were loved! I know moving around was not easy on you a new house 🏡 a new neighbourhood and usually a new school. An tho for your brother who could easily talk to people for you it wasn’t that way. You had no control over it and sadly your safe space was up rooted time and time again.

It was perfectly okay to be upset 😭. It was okay to cry and it was okay to be annoyed 😒. You were a child that needed a safe space. But remember even tho you had difficulty you were always loved!!!. And even though you didn’t love yourself. Your family loved you very much as I now love you too!!!!!.

If only you loved yourself as much as I love you now!!!!




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