Sitting Comfortably at 166lbs

So apparently I haven’t written anything here since March 7th of last year. So last summer I went to California for my God mothers celebration of life party. I drank more wine than water and gained some weight.

Went up from a size 2 to a size 6. Well I’m happily back down to a size 2 and I’m comfortable at 166lbs give or take a few pounds depending on the day. I eat what I want but still am mindful of how much I’m eating. I do eat chocolate from time to time and I drink from time to time. I’m not big on drinking alone so it’s rare that I have any booze in my house.


My workouts as far as high intensity goes I do twice a week usually on Mondays & Fridays and then of course walking miss Diva and whatever walking I do when I’m out and about. My phone tracks my steps which is great to see how much I’ve walked on a single day. Some days I’ve walked a lot like April 3rd I walked in total 7.2km then some days it could be 1.4km. That’s including walking in my apartment to walking the dog and outings and such. In a day of course the less movement and my phone not being on me will record less.

I feel that my weight really won’t be going to any major extremes. I have control over it and I feel great. I believe my weight will sit in this area permanently.

A girlfriend of mine asked if I’d put more weight on and I said quite frankly I’m happy being the weight that I am. I’ve always been a slender person I was skinny as a child and in my teens and most of my 20s. I put on some weight in a past relationship then gained a shit ton in my early 30s. And then poof made it disappear. I would not trade being skinny to be fat. Been there bought the Tshirt and sold it.

My perfect weight is what I’m sitting at now.

Left 238lbs 2015 & Right 166lbs 2017


If you want something bad enough you will make your dream come true!


4 thoughts on “Sitting Comfortably at 166lbs

  1. I really was worried at first when I quit teaching that I was going to gain a lot of weight like the last time I didn’t work. I did put on about 8 pounds the first few months, but with just some minor adjustments I got things under control and have stayed about the same weight since. I do notice that I go up and down a little – there’s this five pounds I seem to always be gaining and then losing back and forth, but other than that, I think I will remain steady until the dreaded menopause hits me in a few years, then who knows what will happen! I am trying to get myself into decent shape before then so that hopefully i won’t gain as much LOL. But I think some weight gain is gonna be inevitable. Gotta love yourself either way! 🙂 You look great!!

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