Life Update April 2017

Hello everyone well it’s been a while since my last life update not since last September. Wow time flys when your living life. So much has happened. Let’s start with finally ending my relationship with trying to look for one online. I’ve spent years online looking for love. Sure I’ve met some new friends out of it as well some not so awesome people to say the least. More wasted time than anything but you learn eventually that that world just isn’t for you. I’ve had a few life learning relationships and a few of those men I’m still friends with today.

My personal view for online is this “it’s nothing but BullShit!”

Maybe some people are able to meet their forever person but I believe 99% don’t. Everyone is to afraid to speak to people in person and they think online will be better but then people are not who they say they are. Or they are not serious or they just want a booty call. As much as being single sucks sometimes I’d rather stay off the dating apps/sites and go and live life and if I meet someone out there in the real world then awesome. But as it stands the world of online isn’t for me.

A friend of mine just last night was telling me I should re join POF and put I’m looking for friends but truth be told nah I’m good. I’ve never in my years of being online ever took such a hiatus from that world. And I’m rather enjoying it. It’s nice not to be on them. I get things done. And my feeling is that the person for me isn’t online. I won’t be meeting them online from an app or site. But I’ll meet them when I’m out. It’s such a strong feeling and it was confirmed through a medium friend of mine. So I’m feeling okay. Plus if I want more friends I can meet them at social engagements.

Moving on,

I was picked to be in a documentary. About being trans. I was picked from a group of people and I was lucky enough to be chosen. I never thought I’d ever have the chutzpah to ever do something like that. But there I am putting my life out there for the world to see. It was done by three university students in journalism they are still trying to sell it but have made it  available on YouTube. I was able to post it on my channel but I will link it here to one of their channels.

My goal is to share my story and if I can help someone either understand it or help them in a way that might make them turn a light bulb on with in them selves then my job is done.

I’ve also have been coming to terms with accepting my body for what it is. And seriously really loving my self for who and what I am. And not wanting to fit into the puzzle piece of what Society says I should be. My path of being trans is mine alone and not what others believe I should be. It’s taken me seriously years to come to this place. And it’s fucking awesome finally. It sure has not been a walk in the park. But to be able to be my self and accept my self for who I am is the best feeling.

I met a burlesque performer last Halloween and I had discussed about wanting to do burlesque I’ve always loved this kind of performance. I went and saw one of her shows with her dance troupe and I have been hooked since. Since then I’ve done Burlesque a total of three times twice in one night and then again months later. I’ve created a persona and have spent hours gluing rhinestones and making the performance great. I’ve only done it at one place for now. And I do want to do more later on. Unfortunately though money is limited with some things and so I pick and choose when I do it. But things are looking up.

I was supposed to host a New Years Ev party and I had written a speech for the performers one of them a well known Canadian Country Singer. Sadly I didn’t know who he was before hand and till I went googling. I listen to all types of music but new country isn’t one. Well I wish I had gone now but everything happens for a reason. I had become friends with him as well his Manager prior to the event so I could get the right info for my speech but we have never really chatted.

And till this week. I sent him a message on Facebook and said it would be nice to go for coffee and meet face to face. Not thinking he would respond let alone want to. Being busy and all. But to my lovely surprise he agreed and it was like talking to a good friend you have known for years. What a pleasure it was. I told him my story it was just the most fun. Such a super nice guy. I loved our chat and it was nice we chatted for almost two hours and I’m so glad I met him. A new friend was made and I see him as just him he just so happens to be an amazing country singer.

Some other exciting happy news. These last few years I have really done a lot of growing.  Learning of who and what I want in my life and knowing things need to seriously change. I’m thrilled because I hope to be working this year. This is the year I start working at a new job. I’m extremely happy because I get to work with a new service provider who will help me get a new job. My worker that I have we discussed me going back to work and I’m thrilled because I was told back in 2013 I wouldn’t be able to use these services again unless I did three months of volunteer work to show that I was ready to work again, mainly because of my small break down in 2011.

But she could tell by my voice and the way I was talking on the phone that I am ready and wanting to work. To me this is a second chance to finally get some where. I know what kind of job I want and I’m going to shoot for something in the government. I need health benefits as well pension and all of the stuff people with that sorta job is secured. Working at a regular job doing retail or something isn’t for me. My goal is to make good money eventually buy my own condo maybe or even rent one and I really want to travel and see parts of the world I’ve always wanted to see.

I want to be able to do things I can’t do at the moment and I don’t want to have to worry about money all the time. I’m glad I was able to get on the assistance of disability but I’m excited to get back into the real world and do something  productive become a part of  Society. As I said on my Facebook I wake at 6:45am and I go to sleep at the latest 10:30pm sometimes earlier. I to keep as busy as possible. I’m ready to work.

Also Diva is perfectly fine if I’m gone most of the day. I’ve left her from 8am and got home at 4:30pm and she was good. So that’s fine. Also the job services train you for work if the job requires it which is helpful. I’m lucky to live where I do and have services that will help people who want to work. I have goals and dreams and I’m excited for this next chapter in my life.

YouTube I will have to take a break from doing videos but that’s okay. I’m kinda running out of things to do on there anyways. Heck I’ve started doing re reviews of older wigs cause I’m that bored lol. And I’m currently not even wearing wigs full-time. Once in a blue moon. Guess that’s what happens when you get bored.

Anywho I’m supposed to be going to Montreal this summer to spend time with a friend of mine and go to Montreal Pride I’m looking forward to that never being there in the summer. Not sure when I will start work because it’s a process but I’m excited nonetheless. Also I went to Dress For Success this past week to get some new clothing for interviews. You have to be referred there which I was. It was a nice experience I was able to get some business casual attire, finally got a beautiful blazer / suit jacket it’s super pretty three quarter sleeve black. Came with matching pants which are a tad to short but might rock them with flats or a heel since short pants seem to be in now lol.

A few skirts tops and two necklaces and a scarf. Also when I have landed full-time work I can go back and get five more outfits so that’s nice. Will things fit is another question. The lady who was helping me said don’t look at size just focus on fit. That’s hard to do but totally right. Because all the new clothing I have are all different sizes but it all fits.

Also my hair that’s growing amazing. I haven’t dyed my hair in like two or three months I’m trying to just let my natural colour grow out but I feel I may need to do a semi soon since I want my hair to look polished if I’m looking for work and for interviews unless I rock a wig that’s similar to my bio hair like Brandi is Pictured below.

My bio hair curled how pretty is it wow blows my mind that’s my hair below.

So that’s the latest life update.

For all  life updates check out here


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