Needing A Hair Pick Me Up

As everyone knows I’m obsessed with my hair. Well seeing that I have not grey but white hair mainly in the front of my head mixed in with my natural shade bothers me at the moment. I really tried to stick it out and grow out my natural color but those white hairs still bother me so I said fuck it and bought some hair colour.

I picked up L’Oréal Casting Creme Colour in 4G Dark Golden Brown. I’m pretty sure I’ve been this color before like sometime last year. Either way golden brown has red in it and my bio hair has red tones so I knew this would be a pretty color on me. The one thing I never paid much attention to before was they recommend for best results to wet your hair prior to application for best results which I honestly thought was kinda strange.

But to my surprise worked a lot easier. I used 1 box, as well an applicator brush and a small bowl. I took my time, section by section, using a hand-held mirror as well my mirror that is on my bathroom cabinet. I left it in my hair a little longer because of the white hairs. I should mention this is not permanent hair color and will wash out in 28 shampoos or so. I’m kinda amazed that by wetting your hair that it would be all over even but it makes sense some how.

I didn’t want to go as dark as I went before but still dark. And the nice thing is I won’t have an odd demarcation line when it fades which is also a nice plus. It’s cloudy here and the sun wasn’t out when I took the photo below. I also wanted a color refresh for when I go for job interviews and such. I just feel more polished.

Also my hair is so shiny so yay.

Here is a helpful video. Doesn’t matter what shade you pick but how you apply it for best results does matter.


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