Tape-in Extensions

My obsession with long hair continues though it won’t be through any sort of  permanent methods. My final realization was early this evening. Thankfully this time around I didn’t fork out a ton of money. I installed all 40 pieces of my tape-in extensions also had called a friend to help. Sadly that didn’t really work out and in the end I said fuck it and removed all 40 pieces.

Lets face it sometimes when you think 💭 an idea is gonna be so fabulous but then as your going through the steps and realize after looking in the mirror that your bio hair length is in fact getting quite long the natural growing way, one needs to snap out of it and relax some. The quest to long hair will always be on my mind but as far as trying to do any more semi permanent methods of extensions I’m calling it quits and closing that door for good.

Hair pieces are where it’s at. By the time the end of the year hits I’m sure my bio hair will be at the length I want it at. I just have to keep doing what I have been doing and all will happen when it happens.

And please don’t tell me told you so.

P.S. the tape-extensions will be added most likely to some hair pieces I already own. So I get my money’s worth out of them after all they just won’t be in my head.

On the bright side my hair is looking quite long.



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