Ground Hog Day LOL

It seems to be a repeated pattern at least once a year I get annoyed at social media as well some of the people I call friends that never call or message me / text me on Facebook.

I know this because Facebook will show me memories from years past. Thanks Facebook for the reminder lol. I wonder why people  behave like that. What blows me away is if you don’t reach out you will probably never hear from your friends.

Its like if I died tomorrow minus the small select few that I know would care would any of the other people who are supposedly my friends notice? I’m writing this not in a depressed mood more like in a curious wonder mood.

It’s like if we are friends why am I always the one reaching out?, your fingers aren’t broken are they? You can call me or respond to my messages if I left you one on your wall. It seems like nobody really pays much attention to messenger. I feel like I need to write on their walls if I want to speak to people which is kinda sad and pathetic.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Let me know in the comments


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