My Current Workout Routine

Haven’t really done a new post in a while about my weight or workout routine so here we go. I’d probably say I’m back to eating less crap. For a while there I was eating chips and what not but I’ve bought less of that. Still doing smaller portions and as far as my  exercise I’ve stepped my walking up more since we have had better weather but the big change I guess is I’ve stopped doing the Seven App and have gone back to Yoga.

My weight is around 163.8lbs. I’m not really trying to lose weight or anything but I’m healthy and I’m content and happy with my body and what I enjoy eating. And I really don’t have much stress in my life currently so there is also that too.

There is this awesome Yoga instructor on YouTube her channel name is Yoga With Adriene  she has tons of wicked videos everything from long videos to 6-7 minute boost videos. I’ve been doing yoga again for a few weeks now. I still only do that workout twice a week because I’m walking so much all the other days so I don’t need to over do it.

Yoga really is relaxing and she has a very calming voice which I really enjoy. She has videos for anxiety, stress, runners, boosts, before bed Yoga. Seriously she has a ton of videos just pick which ones you want to do and your set.

My favourites are




3 thoughts on “My Current Workout Routine

  1. I did a brief yoga morning routine for awhile and then stopped…I’m currently trying to get back into fitness and have been using an elliptical and doing some sit ups. I will check out these videos u recommend tho cuz i’d like to get back into yoga too!

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