Punctuality, Being Late & Appointmentments

At yesterday’s therapy appointment I had asked about why she was 12 minutes late and how it seems to be an ongoing thing. It was more out of a curiosity. Her response was simple, straight forward and honest.

“If I need to take the time to recharge between appointments then I come first, not you but me. Sometimes I need to meditate or just zone out for a few so I’m more focused and present”

Then the conversation mainly was about how I view people when it comes to people who are late and how it affects me and how I think in a small way its like a disrespectful thing to be late. Ive always been tought that you should be 15 minutes early for appointments, job interviews and what not.

Manners and respect.

I told her,

“I’m usually never late and if I will be late then I call to say I will be”

She had said

“That’s no way to live to never be late, You should allow your self to be at times.”

I don’t think it’s about not allowing my self to be obviously life happens but I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to be on time. Do I know that people will be late and not show the same manners as me Yes, Do I agree with expletive having no manners No. Do I get over it Yes. Does it bother me Yes but again do I get over it of course.

Because you can’t control what other people do. And not everyone has the same manners or respect for others as I.

She had mentioned,

“When you start working you will have other personalities as well view points and people who don’t follow time as you might or have the same manners as you, more often than not you will most likely get annoyed. And then what will you do?.

My response was,

I’ve learned that not everyone is like me. Not everyone is on time. They may not have the same manners or have ever been told its good to be 15 minutes early. Patience is what I’m learning and I’m also learning that some people just aren’t on time.

Sometimes I find with my therapist we go around in Circles when there is other things id like to get out and discuss. She did apologies for doing that. But I have to say that gets under my skin I wont lie. Its like okay lady lets move on now.

Its likely it can only be spoke about and till its dead. It reminds me of this one therapist I had when I was little. Her name was Carol. Something happened to me that was quite dramatic which I wont discuss here but I didn’t want to speak about it and every session I had with this lady she would bring up this particular topic. I left every session hating her even more.

I don’t feel that way about the one I see now. But it can get repetitive and some what annoying when you try to change topics and shes still on the one.

As I told her before we stopped, “There was other things I wanted to discuss”. Ah well as they saying goes “Shit Happens”. You eventually get over it.

I know that people don’t think the way I do, They don’t believe in the same things as I do when it comes to appointments and or time. And at the end of the day has nothing to do with me. It has to do with how they were tought and raised.

And even though sometimes I feel like they are disrespecting me it really has nothing to do with me in the end. Doctors are late its like in their schooling or something lmao, Dentists are late, Buses are late & in general people are just late. Will I get over it yes, Will it bother me maybe a little. I mean fuck there are worst things in life than this.

Do I think people could have better manners of course. But “Such Is Life” as they say.

Hugs L


4 thoughts on “Punctuality, Being Late & Appointmentments

  1. i totally hear u there! punctuality is important to me. over the years, the therapists that i’ve had have been late as well..this may be why. i don’t know why they don’t just schedule a break in between meetings so they’re not late lol

    1. I think that’s what they think they are doing, as my therapist said she’s more important then her client. And so if she’s not mentally ready for her next appointment then it’s not fair or whatever to her self.

      I find that odd but whatever.

      1. I mean I understand that they need to take care of themselves..they can’t do good work if they are drained. But anyway..I tried one of the Yoga with Adrienne videos you recommended! It was called something like full body…everyday yoga. It was great! I think when I become more familiar with the moves though I will be able to focus more on myself and my breathing than on watching her and making sure I’m doing the poses right. Thanks for the recommendation!

      2. Your so welcome, yeah when I watch newer videos of Adrienne I’m busy watch her lol and trying to breath and follow along.

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