Got2B Beach Trippin Spray


I think I finally have the hang of this damn spray. So what it is is a salt infused spray to get your hair to wave up for mermaid hair.

Okay so silly me I’ve been using it all wrong. Or maybe it’s so humid out that it’s helped but I’m gonna go with the way I sprayed it into my hair.

It says to use it on damp or dry hair and to scrunch. Also to either blow dry or let the wind do the rest.

In the past I would spray quite close to my hair and it would leave my hair feeling crunchy and not overly pleasant but the trick to using this spray is it do it further away and sprints and scrunch.

Also I rarely ever use my blow dryer. And prefer to air dry my hair. Less damage and it never gets how I want it unless a stylist does it at a salon. But today I’ve finally mastered this spray. My hair still feels soft. It’s got beautiful waves in it and it’s full and healthy feeling and looking. Now that I know how to use it I’m thrilled.


I had been using Marc Anthony’s Beach Spray but it s a bit more than Got2Bs and I’ve had this bottle for a while now and I thought I did a review for it but I guess I didn’t. You can also use this spray if you have straight hair as well.

Walmart Sells it as well Amazon.

I think wavy hair is so pretty and effortless I’m just super thrilled that I now know how to use this spray. I think also to if your hair is to wet it wouldn’t work as well. Which I think has also been my problem in the past. I used about five sprays misting and scrunching. The further away from your hair the more of the spray spreads out. The better the results you will have.

When it comes to my hair personally on a day to day bases I really don’t do much with it. Usually I put 1 Velcro roller in my bangs and let the rest do whatever. But now using this spray the right way at least for me it will look put together like “Oh I just woke up like this” even though really I put some effort into it lol.


What’s your favourite beach spray ?


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