Pride Parades & The Police

Since pride month started the beginning of June we all have seen articles and or petitions not having police be apart of said Parades. People are hellbent over what they have done to lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 people and of lgbtq people of colour. And yet there have never been as far as I’m aware of anything bad happening to lgbtq people at Pride. From my own experience I’ve never had issues with police my self being a trans woman. I’ve also never heard of any stories of police causing problems at any of the pride Parades I’ve been too.

Since Black Lives Matter showed up last year at Toronto’s Pride Parade everyone now is thinking twice about police being at pride. I think it’s BS. Everyone now has issues over everything. Police at pride, the rainbow flag, it’s a damn rainbow people!!!. The Canadian anthem, what the fuck is next the freedom of free speech.

I fully understand what police have done to people in the past but I’ve never once not felt safe at pride and for me I feel safer having the police at pride. I think the police should be at all prides. Everyone looks at the bad and the negativity from the news.  But nobody talks about all the good police have done. I had an almost brake in in 2015. I had not just one police officer show up but I had three. They were all amazing men who showed me kindness and were extremely respectful and polite and they cared about my well being. I’ve never had issues at Pride or with police in general.

Of course I’m fully aware that there are bad cops out there just as there are bad people in General. But I think it’s it’s completely unfair to remove people who are supposed to protect us from bad people. I’m sorry that so many people are upset about what experiences they may have gone through. But when is it enough???.

What is amazing to me. Is that because people are up in knots about it, now so many people are wanting the removal of police at pride. There are many lgbtq police 👮 officers and they should be proud to be who they are as well be proud to be police officers. And to be apart of Pride.

Personally this is what I feel if you don’t like something at Pride then don’t look or go. Be responsible at Pride, dress appropriately, and don’t cause others harm or get to wasted. And be respectful. From all the prides I’ve been too there has never been once any issues between lgbtq and the police. But you do hear about issues at other Parades that are not lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 but you don’t hear about that do you nope.

I’m fully aware of what BLM stands for. And I respect what they are doing. But seriously why can’t pride just be about pride. Why can’t it just be all about love. I will never know what it’s like to be black not in my current life time. But I do know what it’s like to be trans and to be judged and ridiculed. I personally think that anyone who harms another human being when they are of Authority should be punished. And not lightly!!!.

From all the news stories I’ve heard over the last few years from the States to Canada it’s made me sick that people of authority could do such tasteless acts. Those police officers need better training and if they are racist people then they not need to be police officers. I don’t think guns are great, people who have a police badge don’t have a right to shoot at people with no weapons who are not causing harm.

There is so much wrong in all aspects.

Do I think the delivery of groups who want to protest and or make aware what they are speaking for could be better yes. But I don’t think removing police from a parade is the answer.

Not all police are bad. And we need to remember this. If anything I hate hearing about bad news stories usually they don’t post the good stories that do happen every single fucking day.

This Is is just my two cents, That’s it I’m done !!!!


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