Divas Latest Health Update

So miss Diva was due for her annual checkup but she also had some blood in her stool last week. I also thought she had a mass in her left side near her hip joint.


The scoop, the mass is a over developed muscle so not a mass at all. Her anal glands were super full so much so it was dark brown paste. The vet emptied them. Her heart rate is normal nothing has changed with the murmur. She has arthritis in her right leg higher up nothing to crazy tho.

The vet recommended she eat cooked plain beef and white rice for a few days to see if The mucus poop goes normal. There hasn’t been much blood since and it’s not a ton nor is it everyday. But a few small meals of the beef and rice a day.

She did get into that trash two weeks ago when I was out doing burlesque. So we think it might be something she consumed.

Over all shes healthy besides this small issue.

PS her 10th birthday is coming up next month.


Tinker Bell

You always think your closest friends will be around for a long time and then you find out that one of them is sick with a terminal illness. The reality that they wont be around for a long time then sinks in and you realize life is short.

I had the pleasure of spending some much needed time with a friend this past weekend. I have known him for around 13 years but it seems way longer than that. He is someone who fully supported me from the get go. When I met him he was loud and I thought obnoxious lol but he has the best personality and he’s a super fun loving guy.

He is a one in a million and when I found out he had stage 3 lupus I was torn to say the least. He was putting on a fundraising event as well it was a celebration of life party. He asked me if I would come and be a part of it and right away I said yes.

I spent time with his family as well friends. I performed burlesque beside the drag performers that are also his friends. We raised a bunch of money for Lupus Canada as well for him. We laughed, we cried, we took selfies like they were going out of style hehe.

It was probably one of the best weekends I’ve had as well hardest weekends. You just don’t think you will out live any of your friends.

One of his favourite Disney characters is Tinker Bell hes loved her since I met him. Well as a memorial I decided to use the money I was paid towards a tattoo of her with his initials in his favourite colour purple also he is a drag performer and so I put his drag name initials as well.

I love all the colours and how its water coloured she turned out really beautiful.

I love my friends and they mean the world to be so when his time comes and I lose him ill always have a reminder. The good thing is he’s not gone yet! and so my plan is to spend more time with him.

True friends last a life time.

L’Oréal Casting Cream Gloss 503 Golden Chocolate 🍫

So nothing is more pleasing than a hair pick me up. And though my natural colour is quite pretty the grey isn’t. And let’s keep it real a colour refresh is pleasing. It makes you feel good. Everyone knows I’ve been on a brown hair colour kick for awhile and the last time I used L’Oréal Casting Cream Gloss was back in April the 25th to be exact. I had used the colour 4G Dark Golden Brown and it was a beautiful colour but very dark.

Well I wanted to try something different this time around and went for this colour. Once again I did what the pro tip was and dampened my hair before colouring it. I think it really helps with applying the colour.

The top photo is before & the bottom after.

It’s really not a huge difference just more richness to my color and shiny. I’m absolutely in love with it. I know in the sun light it will have lots of dimensions and the red will shine. One of my favourite things about the Casting Cream Gloss by L’Oréal is that because it’s not permanent there is no demarcation line when it wears out. And it blends your grey away but doesn’t completely cover them. And so they blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair.

Full review here

Dear Early 20s You

You got through high school even though it was rough and tough you made it through. You always had that dream of becoming who you always wanted to be and it finally became light the summer of 2000.

You made the right decision to finally let out the girl within you. Sure there was a whole new world out there you didn’t expect or knew and though it was scary you did make it through. Even though you reverted back to your old life a few times because of the unknown and unhappiness. When you make your mind up you do  eventually see it through.

If I could have told you then that you are amazing I would have and you will meet the most amazing people ever in the future just wait.

I Love You 😘

OGX Coconut 🌴 Oil Hair Mist

Since I’ve accepted my wavy / curly hair type I’ve also  succumbed to product collecting lol. Well I think I found my holy grail hair product. This stuff is amazing!!. It leaves your hair soft, touchable, and natural looking and it smells amazing it has coconut oil and bamboo extract in it.

My full review below