4RP Vibrant Dark Auburn | Casting Cream Gloss By L’Oreal

So there are zero reviews of this colour online as far as YouTube reviews go. I was speaking to my God mother earlier this morning, yup we talk even though she’s passed. I asked what her thoughts were on me going a reddish colour. She liked the idea so I went ahead and bought two boxes. Lucky for me they were on sale.

Anyways ive been loving these L’Oreal Casting Cream Glosses since I started using them. I’ve gone from super dark brown to using the golden tones. And I thought I would look good with more red in my hair. Ever since I posted the photo of me with a red wig on my Instagram

people seem to really like it and I love how I look. So I took the plunge and I’m totally in love wth the colour my hair turned out. For the full review watch the video.

Fall In Love 😍

With yourself first and than the vibe you will give off to others will have them fall for you. A friend I was speaking with yesterday was talking about how she’s sick of being alone and single and she doesn’t exactly possess the best self love.

And so I told her:

“Well I know I’m sure your sick of hearing this but you need to start falling in love with your self. Learn to love who you are and then the vibe you will give off will be that your more open to have people love you for you. It’s not an over night thing.”

I honestly believe these statements to be true. When I began to think differently about myself and hold myself to a higher level. The vibe I give off is a whole heap better than it was. Before people would never sit next to me on public transit it was like I had a bubble around me. And till my thought process changed.

I too believe that dating apps/sites are useless. It’s a very fake online world 🌎. And from my own personal experience It just never truly worked for me. I know by making myself go out there is when I’ll meet people. Running into people more organically and in natural settings than those time wasting sites and apps.

I genuinely think you need to love yourself first and try to focus on you first and when your time is right that’s when you will meet the right person. Also value yourself, know your worth more than maybe others have made you feel, you are important and you deserve better than the shit you have had to put up with.

Fall in love 😍 with yourself!

Basic Phone Bitch LOL

So I had a slight home phone tragedy the pink sparkly novelty lip Phone that I was using as my land line, I had been using it as a burlesque prop. Well when I was in Carleton Place and had rested it on a banister it had fallen off and when I picked it up there is a piece in the handheld part that now moves around in it.

The beginning of August I had reorder it from Amazon from the same seller. I paid for express shipping and it was to arrive the 1st of the month. I waited and waited and waited till finally I emailed them and asked to either send me a tracking code or refund my money. Two days later the money is back in my account and that’s that.

I went on to the ad and it now says no longer available and not sure if it will be again. Why on earth would you try to sell something if in fact you don’t really have it. Makes no sense to me but whatever.

Anyways I had found a cheese hamburger novelty phone on Amazon I looks just like the one from the movie Juno. But it really wouldn’t go with any of my things. So I went super basic and got a cordless land line phone from Walmart for a decent price. It’s got a bunch of decent features and a phone book that can store 30 contacts.

I put my parents and emergency lol

It’s mainly for my buzzer and maybe ordering food.

Honestly I was hesitant on buying it but I need a phone for this landline that I’m paying for so it’s fine I suppose.

It’s also basic bitch black lol. I may add some sparkle to it at some point but who knows lol.



I finally have a real sense of clarity with how my body is. When I would talk to some people and or watch a show on gender surgeries it would bring up feelings of being  inadequate and that I had to conform to how society is.

Last weekend when I was at my parents home I was watching an episode of I Am Jazz on TLC. She is going to be getting confirmation surgery. After watching the show I felt happy for her that she needs to get said surgery to feel comfortable in her skin.

But I didn’t feel like I usually do when I watch such shows. I felt fine. I felt content 😌  within. For once I feel perfectly perfect with my body. The clarity is that you don’t need to conform to fit in with everyone. I feel beautiful. I feel great & life is fucking awesome.

Fall in love with your self first and love will come your way.