Dear People

Recently there has been a ton of negativity regarding some groups,

Then there are some bad apples

There are also
Bad Doctors
Bad Nurses
Bad babysitters
Bad Governments


Very Bad Presidents

But with all the bad, there is also a great deal of good.

A lot of respectable people in uniform. Who help people every day from break ins, to fires, to bad people on the streets that harm kids. Who is harmed significant others. That harm people of all sorts. Who help dying people, who help drug addicts who accidentally overdose.

Not everyone who wears a uniform are bad people. With all the negativity in news outlets to twitter to Facebook and beyond I’d merely like to say I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of the negativity that these groups are putting out there to not work together but to split up each other. By not working together, you are merely going back not forward.

I get it some members of the Society have been done wrong, but don’t you dare for a minute blame each and everyone for a mistake that a small number people have behaved. It is not everyone’s fault for that person’s error. You learn from it. Grow from it and forgive. It may take time and heck you may never fully overcome it, but why can’t we work together to fix things right then to divide and take steps back.

As a member of the minority group being a member of the fucking alphabet. I sent a message to the Ottawa Police Service to thank them for all the good they have executed. Could sensitivity training be more implemented, yes of course. Should they do better screening when it comes to hiring people who wear a badge of authority you bet your ass. But we need to work together as a society in order to move forward.

If we can’t work together, then how do we go forward???.


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