Health Update

So those weird spots I was getting where they were mini rashes, they looked like bug bites it turns out from what I’ve been reading it’s from gluten. To be  specific it’s called Dermatitis herpetiformis which is “celiac disease of the skin”. It is a chronic skin condition with a characteristic rash with intense itching and burning sensations.

Which would explain what I’ve been getting. Since I’ve stopped eating buns and have really cut back on pasta and what not I haven’t had any more rashes. Or spots of any kind. I’m still supposed to go see a dermatologist but I have another appointment with my family doctor next week. I do plan to bring this up to him.

Check out the info on DH Here

I originally cut out breads and buns and that sort of thing when my IBS was really acting up. But then it went away and I have been introducing them back into my diet more regularly this year. But then it’s this year that I’ve been getting these rashes and what not. I mean I have photos that you would be shocked to see how bad it has got.

Honestly it’s been pretty nasty. My doctor had given me hardcore Mometasone Cream 0.1% but honestly it didn’t help with this. Not a ton of help to be honest. He had also had me take a antihistamine which I took for about a week. But after doing some serious reading and found that information on DM a little light bulb 💡 went off and it’s like nope this makes perfect sense.

Also my IBS made its ugly face appear. Two days ago I was in excruciating pain my  stomach was full of gas I had severe cramps. My tummy swelled up so much I looked pregos. I took two bascopan pills and it went away. I had salmon and veg for dinner but the veg had Broccoli and Collie flower and green beans which usually I’ve had in the past with no problems. I honestly thought I had kicked IBS but nope. So now I have to go back and watch what veg I’m eating. So much for eating almost anything I wanted.

Id like to mention to that when I was in Montreal I tried to drink a beer a light one but nonetheless my system wasn’t having any of it because it was making me bloated. So No more beer for me for a while which sucks because there are three different kinds of 🍺 beers I enjoy and now I have to cut them out of my life.

So that is the latest. I think by cutting out breads and buns and cutting down on pastas and that sort of thing I won’t have to suffer through those rashes again. And for the IBS I just need to watch what vegetables I consume. It’s funny because IBS comes and it goes.

Oh the joys


3 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. I suspect your IBS is more about the gluten than anything else, too. I had THE SAME issues when I finally stopped eating wheat – my rash was not as bad as yours but I had bad eczema that pretty much disappeared when I finally stopped all wheat/gluten. Also, I kept ending up in the damn hospital from the chronic diarrhea (sorry, TMI but what can you do) because I would get so dehyrated from it I would almost pass out. I missed so much work that last year I was getting docked every time I got sick. I quit eating wheat, and for about 2 years I had to stop eating dairy too (just anything with lactose) but now I can do dairy again. My skin cleared up completely and once I added fiber pills to my diet my digestive system healed up. The thing is, gluten is in a lot of things you wouldn’t suspect, so for awhile there I had to read the label on everything I bought (it’s in soy sauce, for example, and is used as filler in a lot of foods) but honestly, now I don’t even have to think twice about it because I pretty much know what to avoid. And, an added bonus was stopping gluten helped keep my weight down because it’s in so much of what I used to eat like crazy that is fattening – hamburgers, cake, etc. Now if I want a greasy burger I just get it without the bun and it reduces the caloric content by about 200 calories so it’s all good, LOL. You can get tested for celiac if you want to know for sure you have it, but you have to be actively eating wheat when you get the blood drawn so I never did it – I’d already stopped eating it and was feeling better so I wasn’t willing to get back on it. Wheat is in beer, too, obviously so it makes sense that upset your digestion. I was diagnosed with IBS before I went gluten-free too, and unfortunately a lot of what the IBS diet recommends you do still has the wheat factor so it never worked for me.

    1. As far as I know to get tested for celiac it costs money. But I’m willing to go gluten free. I would probably ask what do you eat now? And what are the best cereals to eat? Since I usual eat like a granola cereal wth Greek natural flavoured Greek yogurt

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