Hello Long Hair

I’ve made it to one of my goal lengths which is the top of my bra band length. This photo is all my bio hair no hair extensions what’s so ever.


When it’s curled its of course shorter as seen with this photo


It’s taken me surprisingly not that long to grow it to my length,  approximately three years or so.

And even though there has been times I’ve wanted to cut it I’m happy I haven’t. For the most part I’m pretty low maintenance with my hair. I don’t usually use heat on it unless I’m curling it and I always use heat protectant. I’ve maybe blow dried it possibly five times in the years it’s been growing.

I would definitely say scalp massages have really helped, and tho I do use coconut oil on my hair and scalp I’d say it has helped but the scalp massages with my head down with the blood rushing to my head has done wonders lol. Because the blood goes to the roots and your hair grows from there. Plus it feels good to get or give yourself a scalp massage.

My next goal length is Mid-back length as seen in this chart.


That’s the chart I’ve followed since growing my hair out. It’s just a cute guide to follow and I’ve held on to it in my phone. I think it’s also important to take photos of your hair growth as you grow it out. I do think it’s important to get dustings or micro trims as they are called. I usually will give my self a micro trim every 3 months or so just to remove the dead ends and I know some people who are hair stylists would probably prefer people go in to get it done but honestly why am I going to go and fork over more than $20 bucks when I can do it my self and it costs nothing.

Its easy too do and takes me less than 20 minutes. I’m excited to see my hair length next summer and I will likely go to a stylist next year to get it done like cut into a long style with maybe some long layers but right now I’m good with how it is.

One of my hair goals sorta is to have hair like YouTuber Carli bybel not as long as her hair cause it’s like down to her butt but I’d love hair middle of my back like the bottom of my bra band at the back so yeah mid back lol 😂.

And yes I’m obsessed with long hair if you haven’t figured that out lol. PS I still take biotin just not as much as I had been taking before.


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