Happy smile 😊

Thumbs up 👍

Passing by

Laughing in my head but not out loud 😂

I can never un see that



Stories keep adding

Nobody really talking

Your busy, I’m busy we’re all busy

Photo snapping


Perfect places

Perfect faces

Editing to perfection

Lonely  😞 people

Lonely stories

Empty Photos

Amazing memories

Share, share, share

Commenting, laughing, video watching

Live Feeds

Add this person, add that person, maybe you know each other maybe you don’t

Lets be  distant  friends

Pen-pals the new wave 🌊

No more letters being mailed

Just a simple finger swipe, let’s just type

One minute two minute, three minute more

An hour has gone by and your still swiping, clicking, liking.



Lana Poulson


Wig Life LoL

So last weekend was Burlesque Festival here in Ottawa. The weather was all over the place but it was humid and did rain some. I decided instead of having some what frizzy unruly hair I’d rock a wig. I own such beautiful pieces I might as well wear them. You know years ago when I was dealing with Trichotillomania and having to wear them because of having to shave my head to hide the ugliness that was under them. I thought wearing wigs though I could change my style and color on a whim, we’re itchy at times, hot in the summer, and expensive.

Since over coming Trichotillomania and having a beautiful head of long hair, wearing wigs is fun to do now. I’ve been able to get a small amount of wigs that are as we would say in the hair world medical grade wigs and or high end synthetic wigs. I have one that is double mono top, single mono top, and a few lace front wigs. All well over $200 some closer to $300. And one wig that retails for like $499 which is completely hand-tied, lace front, mono top. I don’t wear it to often tho.

Anywho last weekend a neighbour said “wow you got your hair done” I was like “Yeah sure lol”, also one of the hosts at the festival thought my side cut wig was human hair. Nope just very well made synthetic. I think 🤔 high quality wigs should be in every woman’s  closet accessory. Two different days I rocked two different wig styles and colours. I mean costume wigs the cheap ones that don’t cost much are fine as well but if you want something reasonably realistic than fork out the cash for something higher quality.


Some of my favourite online wig retailers are

Here in Canada

Canada Wig

 Gorgeous Hair Wigs

Happy Wigging it!.

Dear Late 20’s You

A dark tunnel is upon you. There is no light there is no way out. A kitchen knife so sharp it sliced through your skin like tissue paper. Depression has taken you hostage and food has become the addiction. But if I could tell you then there will be a light 💡 there will be a way out you won’t feel so alone.

You will over come your struggles and how you feel about yourself. You will take ownership of your body and your mind. You will become in charge of how you see your life and you will get the surgeries to better match how your body is within your  brain.

Just wait things are about to get better. You are very strong intelligent and smart and when you put your mind into something and make the decision to get something done you follow through.

Life is about to get better just wait and see your 30’s are about to be the best years of your life yet. Oh and remember I Love You!.

What I’m Learning As An Artist 👨‍🎤

What I’m learning is that the people you hoped would support you in your craft such as close friends may not fully support you. But my burlesque friends that I wanted to be at the competition to support me were there which I’m super thankful for.

Last night was one of the biggest nights for me. Competing in a competition in front of four judges, two professional photographers and peers in the burlesque community as well in a club I’ve never been in and in front of a new audience. Was pretty huge and not one single person outside of the burlesque scene who I call friends could come and support me did in fact piss me off!.

What I’ve learned is that yes I’ll keep  promoting events that I’m in but I will stop at inviting people to them. If you choose to go cool, will be nice to see you but I refuse to put any more of my energy into inviting these so called friends to them.

I would prefer people just full on tell me they arnt interesting in going to things such as burlesque events. But to say your going to come then back out last minute is sorta a slap in my face.

Bitch rant over.

But as the title says what I am learning as an Artist. By doing this competition it’s made me realize I want to improve my craft. I believe I nailed my performance last night. I am very proud of it and the feed back I got from burlesque peers and friends and  audience members was all positive.

My experince overall last night was amazing. And I’m excited about the future in the burlesque scene. P.S. I’m Stage kittening in the Ottawa Burlesque Festival this weekend. Super excited to see some of my burlesque peers and the International headliners that will be at the festival. If your in town then I suggest you come check it out. You can go to their website here.

Over & Out

……Lights Camera Go

Little update its been about a minute or so since I’ve written anything of substance. Just haven’t felt like writing anything really. Samethings goes for YouTube in fact I’m taking a break from it. On to the news I do want to share. The job front is slow but things are moving at the rate they are supposed to. I’ll be taking a few classes on Microsoft Word as well Microsoft Excel. So I’m happy about that.

A friend of mine who’s a country singer asked me to be apart of his CD booklet alongside some other fabulous people so I said yes and I’m posing as my alter ego aka burlesque dancer. In fact it’s my 1950’s house wife look. I’m excited to see some of the photos they took.

Also I’ll be competing in Burlesque Idol next Wednesday and if I win than I’ll be able to perform on the main stage at Ottawa Burlesque Festival in one of the nights that’s happening next weekend. There will be four judges at Burlesque Idol so that’s not going to be nerve wracking  at all (smirk). I’ve been adding to my one costume with more feathers on the robe as well I bought all new rhinestones to use on the garter belt. I first ordered from British Columbia which are dmc but because they hadn’t come in I went to  Michaels Arts And Crafts Superstore and got some Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones in red. But then got a call this afternoon from my dad telling me the ones I had ordered from B.C. Came in which of course I’m thrilled about.

The garter belt is skirted so that’s where the rhinestones will be applied. I’ve already glued some of the red ones on it. And Sunday when I see my folks I’ll pick the other ones up and Monday I’ll finish rhinestoning. Tuesday I have a burlesque show that I typically perform at every two weeks. So my plan is to do the routine that I’ll be doing for burlesque Idol that night. In case some friends can’t make it out that night they get to see it regardless of what day they go too.

I’ve  also included in my bio for the hosts to read that I’m a member of the lgbtq community and a proud trans female. Who believes in being body positive and being proud of who you are. As far as I’m aware I’m the only trans female doing burlesque here in Ottawa. There are trans men who perform as well gender benders, drag kings and everyone else. But I thought if I was more visible than it might let other trans women know if I can do this they can too.

Since performing I’ve never spoke or included in my performer bio that I was trans. It was more like if people figure it out then who cares. Not that I want a light shining on me saying hey look at me. But in the same token the burlesque community has been so welcoming to me and I’m comfortable enough in my own skin to let people know trans women can be just as sensual and provocative as other performers. And give a fantastic show. My act is called Super Sexual and the song I perform to is Touch It by Ariana Grande. I love the song and I’ve performed it enough times now that the crowd loves it. I performed it in Carleton Place when I was there and they loved it. I was also lucky enough to have a bunch of photos taken of me from my last show at The Rainbow Bistro hey turned out amazing and the videographer that usually films the acts for us took photos instead that night.

The one thing that has been fun and interesting at the same time is seeing how the this Act has been added to and changed in the sense of costuming and hair. When I started it I was wearing a long curly grey wig. But it gave me headaches. Then I switched to curling my hair. And now it’s using my Jon Renau Clip Ponytail. I’ve taken the clip out and just use the combs and big bobbie pins to keep it in place over top of my bun. I never lose the curls and I only have to curl my bangs.

Also I’ve added a red hair flower. I added more rhinestones to it for added sparkle. I wish I had the budget like Dita Von Teese as far as rhinestones go but as a friend pointed out “for someone who’s just beginning you’re not doing so bad your self”. That was comforting. Anywho this has been a shit ton of fun and honestly it’s funny but many moons ago in my past life I had hit the stage as a performer of a kind and really didn’t make much of a name for my self. But since doing burlesque I have finally got some where as a performer and it feels awesome.

I also know to stay far away from the drama as possible. I dislike drama and don’t want it in my life and I’ve cut people out who are about it. So I’m trilled about performing in Burlesque Idol and I think it would be so cool to win, I’m not gonna sit here and not say I’d like to. But being able to compete  along side of some burlesque friends of mine who are also new in it is a pleasure and I’m excited to see their acts as well.

I do also want to mention that I’ll be stage kittening at Ottawa Burlesque Festival I did say I would volunteer all three nights, there will be International performers there as well local artists. And as a bonus being able to volunteer I get to see the show for free. So that’s a nice perk though I’ll be on my toes all night running back and forth. I’ve learned to wear flats from the last time I was a kitten at a burlesque show. So there you have it lots going on with that.

I’m working on a special Halloween burlesque act as well and have been making the costume. Some of the rhinestones I ordered from B.C. are for this costume too.

As for my dating life. I don’t currently have one. No boyfriends. Though a friend of mine and I tried to see each other but in the end the timing just wasn’t right he’s got to much on his plate and the poem I wrote about Crossing Paths is about him. Since we have known each other which has been well over ten years the timing has just never been right. However our friendship is quite strong so I’m happy we have that at least. And I love him 😍 and always will. Sometimes friendships are more valuable than having nothing at all.

Oh one more thing. I won’t be using semi dyes anymore after using the Dark Vibrant Auburn color and it permanently dying most of my hair but washed out the ends. I think maybe some of those glosses may work or may not I’m confused about them. I did use a dark gloss to cover the red bits.

But I think going forward I’ll just use permanent dye and call it a day and or go to a salon and have them do it for me periodically. At the moment tho I’m leaving the color it is alone. I’m still doing my scalps massages with coconut oil lol.

So there you have it my most up to date post.


Crossing Paths


So long ago our paths crossed

Strong connection but never matching

Time goes by ever so quickly

It kinda sucks our time never meets up

Your lips meet mine

It feels so right

Why can’t time ever be right?

We mesh so well our bodies intoxicating

An orgasmic feeling never felt before

Time is never on our sides

Crossing Paths


Lana Poulson