Inebrya Ice Cream Hair Color

Its been a while since I’ve posted any videos here. So here is a new colouring video. I’m totally obsessed over the color as well the product.


Online Dating Pool

Well I’ve been out of the online dating pool for quite sometime. But I’m back for a few reasons. First is being single as fuck sucks. Secondly people don’t talk to me typically out in public the most I ever get are eye flirts. That’s when guys look at me and will usually include a smile or smirk. But they never ever come talk. It’s annoying as fuck. I also believe I intimidate men from my height.

Since doing burlesque it has made me feel more confident in my skin and my body but I haven’t met anyone thus far doing that. And the few guys I had spoke to didn’t talk after I asked if they were enjoying the show. There was one guy who I was totally into but he lives kinda far like not even in the country  but he’s English and if I ever see him again I’ll definitely strike up another conversation because the one we had was very chill and I felt a good vibe from him.

Also 98% Of people meet from online these days it’s very rare that you meet legit people to date from real life. When I’m out most people are on their cell phones. And as a trans woman it’s kinda hard to just strike up a chat with someone. Anywho my new view on dating online is that don’t join multiple apps. Join one and stick to that. I recently re joined OKC OkCupid and am swapping messages with quite a number of men.

I have an open mind and though I’m not specifically looking for anything to serious I am open to the possibilities in meeting some quality people. My category is Straight and the subcategory is Trans-Woman. The rest of my profile is pretty fun light-hearted and tells the person more about me. Also my username is totally different then what I’ve used in the past I think it’s cute plus it’s a little self promoting BurlesqueChika.

One thing I’m not taking to serious or letting bother me are men who are disrespectful from the start. Like one person who came out and was like “So your a man!” Honestly  I’m not even wasting my time having to explain myself to people or having to be Google for them. Block and move on. OkCupid has tons of different types of people and is rated pretty high at almost 5 stars 🌟.

One thing I’ve learned from the past is to just have fun. Don’t take it to serious. And don’t live on the app. Also I don’t think 🤔 one should join Many because it makes you look desperate. Which I’m so not just adding my self to the online pool as well going out in the real world. And if I happen to network and meet some fun cool down town to earth people than that’s even better and I’m always open to making new friends. If I meet someone who turns out to be special then wicked.

PS complements from men who say I don’t look a day over 24 are boosters for sure lol.

Over & Out


Busy November

So this month is going by fairly quickly. I’ve finished two classes in Microsoft Word and Excel. Two classes in each program. Word is sure different then it was in Highschool and Excel was really interesting to learn. Also I celebrated my 38th birthday this past Sunday. Saturday I threw my self a party which I hosted in my home.

Laughed a bunch as well, I did end up drinking but nothing over the top and I had no hangover on my actual birthday. I’ve learned that I can drink responsibly. And there really is no need to go all out when I’m out with friends.

Also some amazing news I’ve landed another night club to start doing burlesque in. Besides my regular home that I perform at. I’m debuting at the same club I went to for Burlesque Idol. The great part about that is I already know the stage. At the end of the month I have two shows literally in the same week Nov 28th & 29th. I’m super excited about that plus I’ve been booked for a friends birthday show later in December. I also have some custom pasties being made for one of my acts.

I’ve also became friends with a few Photographers who are in the burlesque scene and that I’m super happy for since they have taken some amazing photos.

Today I went out and got a few items to get my Christmas routine put together. It’s going to be super cute and funny at the same time. Already have the song picked. Just need to work on the dance steps. My goal is to take a few classes in burlesque when I have the funds just to add to what I know.

Also something really fun my cupcake routine that I do. I had some advice given to me on how I end it to make it cuter. And I thought about doing what they said before but never went with it. And till last night which the crowd loved. So from now on I’ll be doing it always. I also slowed it down and added in a few fun things. I’m very proud of that performance.

So that is the latest of my November

Oh and my tree is already up

Steps to a healthier life

Admitting you have a problem to yourself is probably one of the hardest things. I usually never keep alcohol in my house. And yes sure there are times I can have one drink. But usually when I’m out and having a few drinks usually it comes to almost a binge drinking fit like it’s water and one after another is usually what happens. I’ve drank so much that I wake up the next day and don’t recall the whole night. Since I’ve been doing burlesque I usually will have a drink or two to get the nerves to go away. Not all the time but usually. Also when I drink I typically go all out. And then not again and till I’m out with friends in a bar or club setting.

I had my first drink when I was 13 or 14 years of age. When I was 16 and ran away from home over that summer. I drank every night while I was living with a friend. We hit up the clubs in Toronto. I’ve been so drunk in the past that I blacked out and don’t remember how I got home. I’m rather embarrassed about this, sharing this on my blog but after the last few days of Halloween parting and drinking way to much. Friday not remembering going for pizza with a friend. And then drinking again on Saturday and again last night at Burlesque. Alcoholism is in my family, my fathers mom my grandmother was a severe alcoholic.

Id rather nip this in the butt now before it gets way out of hand. I don’t really enjoy the taste of alcohol but after a few glasses I like it. Also lately it seems that every time I drink I get bruises. I already bruise easily but when I drink bruises show up all by them selves. And this last batch really are not that cute to look at.

I’ve quit smoking cigarettes been 6 years, I quit doing hard drugs been like 6 or 7 years, I’ve lost weight and kept that off, and now I need to quit drinking alcohol.

Id rather stop pickling my body and I sure as hell don’t need to have this problem.

Love yourself to live a healthy lifestyle