Busy November

So this month is going by fairly quickly. I’ve finished two classes in Microsoft Word and Excel. Two classes in each program. Word is sure different then it was in Highschool and Excel was really interesting to learn. Also I celebrated my 38th birthday this past Sunday. Saturday I threw my self a party which I hosted in my home.

Laughed a bunch as well, I did end up drinking but nothing over the top and I had no hangover on my actual birthday. I’ve learned that I can drink responsibly. And there really is no need to go all out when I’m out with friends.

Also some amazing news I’ve landed another night club to start doing burlesque in. Besides my regular home that I perform at. I’m debuting at the same club I went to for Burlesque Idol. The great part about that is I already know the stage. At the end of the month I have two shows literally in the same week Nov 28th & 29th. I’m super excited about that plus I’ve been booked for a friends birthday show later in December. I also have some custom pasties being made for one of my acts.

I’ve also became friends with a few Photographers who are in the burlesque scene and that I’m super happy for since they have taken some amazing photos.

Today I went out and got a few items to get my Christmas routine put together. It’s going to be super cute and funny at the same time. Already have the song picked. Just need to work on the dance steps. My goal is to take a few classes in burlesque when I have the funds just to add to what I know.

Also something really fun my cupcake routine that I do. I had some advice given to me on how I end it to make it cuter. And I thought about doing what they said before but never went with it. And till last night which the crowd loved. So from now on I’ll be doing it always. I also slowed it down and added in a few fun things. I’m very proud of that performance.

So that is the latest of my November

Oh and my tree is already up


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