Living With Less

Since decluttering, removing and down sizing my belongings. I’ve come to love everything I own. And realizing having more than I need will never make me happy. I used to want more pots or pans, more dishes, more throw blankets and more clothing. Every time I’d go out I’d want more. Even when I didn’t need it. You go into a mall and you see sales here, sales there, sales everywhere. Seeing more art work of the same thing I already owned like Marilyn Monroe. As well spending more than I had.

As a child I was all about saving my money and not spending every last dime I had. Then I grew up and it all changed. I got my self into credit debt not the best move I ever made. But the good news is it’s being paid off. The other good news is that I know what I need. And don’t need. I own two pots a small one and a medium size one. I own three pans and one large sauté pan that has a bit of a deeper bottom to it. Unless they fall apart I don’t need more. As a single person having a set of 16 place setting dish’s I also don’t need and no longer own.

My grandmothers China. I also got rid of the extras and donated them and kept four of each four bigger plates, I had four medium plates but one broke and two small saucers as well the tea kettle. As well a serving platter & a few tea cups that my other grandmother had.

Out of my own dishes I kept two dinner plates and two smaller plates. One bowl, and last year I bought two bigger bowls for eating which are perfect for soup or pasta. Four regular drinking glasses and two  specialty Marilyn drinking glasses. I have a few baking things like pans and bread pan and two muffin tins. And two baking sheet pans. A few cutting boards some just for fish or chicken. A tea kettle for the stove.

My wardrobe consists of things I need. And to have some variety and to mix and match. For comfy classic and causal yet dressy and sophisticated. I recently bought some fleece lined tights. And donated two pairs of fleece lined leggings that just were to tight in my body. I’ve also thrown out shirts with stains or are falling apart. Stop holding on to those things. They have been well worn but it’s time for them to go.

By not spending ever last dime I have on shopping. I have more money and the desire to shop has decreased so much. In fact I no longer desire to shop online and have unsubscribed  from many mailing lists. Less email clutter. The one thing I dislike about  social media are the shopping ads they throw in your face as they do on Instagram or Facebook. And even tv talk shows when they share about things they tell you you need to have.

Though the  minimalism is what I’d love to fully do. I do enjoy and love what I have held on too. And I don’t believe in getting rid of everything, Nor do I believe in only have a few pieces of clothing. But it does make me feel good that I don’t need to have a lot to have a beautiful place or have beautiful things. And the clothing I own I love all the pieces.

I know going forward I will never buy another Marilyn Monroe item. I know that having more materialistic things will not make me happy. And I also know that by having more doesn’t make me feel good. Shopping was a rush and buying something on sale was a thrill but once it happened that feeling went away and I felt really bad after.

By not buying into consumerism I feel better about my self. I feel better about the things I own. And I value what I do have. I no longer have an emotional tie with my belongings as I did in the past. Of course there are some items I do have that I love and the memories that are tied to them. If that item was to get lost or stolen or I gave it to someone else or what have you, I would still have the memories of that piece.

Anyways there are things that you do at some point have to replace. Like sofas or beds or dishes or whatever but it’s being more mindful on what you spend your money on. Same with clothing like getting timeless pieces or better quality clothing that didn’t cost 5$. However there are some shirts I have bought on sale that lasted 8 years though some of them are now gone. But yeah.

I just feel better with less crap. Though with less crap the better you feel.  Now I just have to work on my mind lol 😆


2 thoughts on “Living With Less

  1. Such a great and insightful post! I definitely need to do more decluttering in my life too…it’s amazing how stuff accumulates and how you’re almost induced to want them because they’re on sale or trendy or whatever. Now I’d rather spend my money on books if I can’t find them in the library ☺️

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