Some Much Needed Home Updating

Well I did end up getting that chaise from Ikea the Kivik Chaise in the color Orrsta light grey. Then went to Home Sense and got some bigger pillows. The red lip pillow came from Ikea and the purple and Marilyn I already had. I’m really into neutrals with splash’s of colour. The tall slender floor lamp is grey and it came from Walmart. I’ve wanted to replace the lamp I had there forever.

I’m so glad I bought the chaise. It looks awesome it’s super comfy. I’ve had naps on it. Stretched out and I just love it. Plus I fit on it so much better than I ever did on my red love seat. Someone who is 6’2 this chaise is perfect for me. I also love how you can get another cover for it in a different shade and change things up if you want as well. I’m a fan of clean lines and simple yet comfortable pieces. And things that make you feel great and you love.

I also did some painting to my front closet doors but also my bedroom closet doors. Since moving in they were a 💩 brown. With flecks of paint when they repainted the apartment before moving in.

So I got the go ahead and painted them just a simple off white. It took me about two weeks I took my time and they are as perfect as perfect can get. Since it’s faux wood. The guy at Home Depot was super helpful and I got everything I needed.

I also went around and replaced all the bulbs with LED. My hall is nice and bright now. And it’s just nice to have a brighter apartment.

It feels good to replace old things with new things that you love.



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