The Perfect Unperfect Body

My last fitness post was that I stopped doing my 7 min workout and went back to yoga. Sadly I just stopped working out altogether and just walked. Then Diva got sick and I just gave up. Then she passed and it was pretty much a struggle just to do any form of workouts except walking. Well I can happily say that I’ve gone back to my 7 min app and have increased my workouts before it was once a week to twice a week to this week doing three workouts tomorrow will be day three. Again because it’s high intensity training a 7 min workout is the equivalent of an hour. I’m trying to get this new routine together. And including workouts to be back in it.

I’ve  accepted that my body will never be the way I want it with the big scar I have but it is what it is and sadly when I was working out 7 days a week because of where the scar is you could never tell if I had abs but such is life.

Id like to lose a few pounds nothing major but like three would be okay. I think my weight is around 169lbs maybe lower I’m not totally sure. But I’ve gone back to working out and I’m hoping it will help with my moods and the serotonin levels. I felt good about working out when I did it before so I’m hoping for the same feeling.

I’ve  also cut out a lot of meat eating. I don’t eat as much of it anymore and have really enjoyed tofu and veggie burgers but not the ones with beans yuck lol. So yeah that’s what I’m doing now.

If you have been lacking in working out, share with the class lol what’s got you down?


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Unperfect Body

  1. I completely quit working out when I got sick, and I’ve been on four rounds of steriods so I’ve gained about ten pounds. I am getting back into working out in fits and starts but I keep getting sick again and having to take a week off…oh well. I’m doing the best I can and I hope to continue to slowly improve health-wise so I can drop the extra weight!

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