Things That Need To Be

Dear blog readers and followers of my blog and email subscribers. As all of you are aware Coco has been living with my parents fulltime. And as you all know, I’m still heartbroken over my beloved Diva. This is what I know and how I feel. Adopting Coco was not right to do at the time. Besides listening to everyone else and talking myself into something I shouldn’t have done. She should have been adopted by another family. But because my parents are amazing people they have taken over full ownership of Coco for me. We know she is not the right dog for me. You can’t make something happen or force feelings if they just aren’t there!.

I had someone ask me “But can’t you just let her love you?”. I said “No”. I’m just not wired the same as other people. My loss and how I process things are different from you. I need to figure out who I am without Diva. She was a huge part of my life. In fact she was my life besides human family and friends. The bond I had with her was nothing I ever had before. And now that she’s physically not here I’m having to rebuild who I am without her.

I’m not ready for another animal of any kind. I need to be without an animal forawhile. I don’t know when I’ll want one. In fact I told my parents I don’t know if I can handle having one get sick and die on me. Words can’t even express how I feel about it but I try to express as best as I can. I can say this. Coco is being well taken care of. She’s gotten taller. She loves the backyard at my parents and she loves their two dogs and my parents. They also said she’s quite the barker.

My parents adore and love her and they support me in my decision. It’s really best for Coco to be with them and the dogs. I’m slowly getting used to being alone. I still talk to Diva with good morning and good night, be right back and I’m home. It gives me comfort. I have comfort listening to inspirational music, meditation 🧘‍♂️, and just being. I have been trying to get a new normalcy as well. It’s definitely not easy and it feels like yesterday that Diva passed. It’s just so weird still. Anyways Coco is in great hands and I’ll be seeing the family tomorrow.

In a way everything happens for a reason whatever it is everything happens the way it does.


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