What I’m Realizing

Diva came to visit me last week I felt her on the bed. It was extremely comforting and it’s made me miss her. And though I miss her Facebook reminds me at least once a day with the memories that it shows me because I posted a lot of her on there. I am thoroughly enjoying my freedom at the moment. I’m sure I may feel differently once winter comes but I am getting a new routine and so far it’s pretty good. I no longer wake at 6:45am any more and kinda just wake when I wake. Usually it’s still pretty early, just no longer by an alarm clock ⏰.

I’ve also slacked a bit, I don’t go for a daily walk as I said I was going to in the beginning. I did for a bit but then got lazy. I’m still finding my grove to be honest. But it’s to be expected. This whole no dog thing is new to me. But I’m enjoying it as well. And the things I used to do before, tho I miss it sometimes. What is happening right now is meant to be this way.



Building On My Sleeve

When I started to put tattoos on my left arm I knew I wanted to build a sleeve. I think tattoos are a form of artistic expression and getting a tattoo sometimes will mean something and sometimes it may mean nothing and you just really love whatever your putting on your skin. I found the image above on google when I was looking at different ideas. I kept going back to her. Of course the cob webs and sculls aren’t my thing. The artist who’s drawing that is is Isobel Von Finklestein. She does Lowbrow & Pinup Art.

But I wanted to do my own spin on her. I wanted her to hold a S&M tool such as a flogger or a crop or something of that effect. I wanted her to be mainly black & grey with hints of white for high light and I wanted her corset, thigh highs and shoes to be red with green eyes. The tattoo artist I went to her name is Becky D Tattoo, she works at Black Pearl Body Art Tattoo Parlor and Piercing Salon in Ottawa. She is a pleasure to get tattooed by she has a gentle touch and a quite tattoo gun.

Here is my Pinup Dominatrix

I’m super thrilled with how she turned out. As the artist said she’s like the cartoon version of the girl on my upper arm.

Also my Dominatrix Pinup goes with a side of my personality that’s kinda the main reason I got her to hold a tool. I mean I don’t know how many people will notice the flogger when looking at my arm dead on. Most people don’t notice the nip slip on my pinup girl but I also don’t care if people notice it either. I’ve never seen a tattoo such as mine on anyone before. But yeah thrilled with the results and looking forward on building onto my sleeve. Hopefully I’ll just stick to my arm that is the plan. I don’t really want to put any others anywhere else on my body. But they are addictive.

Anywho that’s about it right now.

Some Huge News

First let me start off by saying a handful of years ago I stumbled upon Dita Von Teese through Marilyn Manson it was all over tv when those two married. She is the Queen Of Burlesque and I was just in awe of her as so many people are. Then the movie Burlesque came out with a star-studded cast including Cher & Christina Aguilera as well other stars. I was in awe of it but never thought I’d ever get into burlesque myself.

Then fast forward a couple of years and I’m at a Halloween party and one of the entertainers was a burlesque dancer we got to talking. I went to one of her groups shows and was not just hooked but wanted to experience that same feeling. Since starting burlesque almost two years ago one of the things I really wanted was to be in a burlesque festival. After befriending many new friends in the burlesque scene and applying to a few and getting declined. I started working my ass off and adding to my costumes and reworking some acts. I decided to apply to this years big festival in Ottawa and  I’m extremely excited to announce that I’ll be performing in this years Ottawa International Burlesque Festival in October.

Last year I applied to be a stage Kitten as a volunteer which was truly an amazing experience and I met so many wonderful sweet down to earth performers. But this will be my first huge stage it’s being held again at The Ottawa Little Theatre it’s a really nice theatre and I’m so excited to perform my Spirit Act with my silk vail fans. I also had a custom panel skirt made for this costume by a fellow burlesque artist who is also quite wellknown and friend Koston Kreme.

If it wasn’t for burlesque I’m not sure where my life would be right now. It’s helped me appreciate my body more. It’s a part of my personality that is much more out going and the confidence that Kandy brings out of me is super high. If I’m feeling a little less confident I literally bring her to the surface and she shines through which in turns helps me. Also if I don’t want someone to know my real name, I just say it’s Kandy that’s with a K not a C lol.

Also I’ve  done a wicked body positive nude art photography shoot as Kandy and that was something I’d probably never would have done if it wasn’t for being a burlesque dancer/ performer/ artist. So I really owe a lot to burlesque as well it helped me get back to reality after my beloved dog passed away.

Though burlesque started out as a little hobby it’s become my passion. And I’ll do it for as long as my body will let me.