Living A Minimalistic Lifestyle

I know I always talk about the fire that happened last December did something to me. But it’s definitely been for the better. What I’m learning about living a minimalistic lifestyle is there their really isn’t one way to be. Some go to the extreme and only own ten tops and this and that and what have you. But you also don’t need to live in a hospital atmosphere either unless that’s your aesthetics then all the more power to you.

I’ve definitely purged a lot of my things that either wasn’t using, I haven’t used ever or just have no plans to in the up coming future. I’ve gone through clothing, footwear, books, dishes, small appliances, bath, art and I even sold a high heel chair. I’m currently trying to sell a coffee maker, a large fan and a clothing rack. I went out and bought a French Press and real coffee. And wow big difference in flavour.

I enjoy watching minimalist YouTube videos. And also this album I bought called Music For Mindfulness some really beautiful songs on it from iTunes. I’ve  decided to try to not buy anything new unless it’s food related. I’m also trying to watch where I put my money and hold on to as much as I possibly can.

I’ve done pretty good with cleaning and removing unwanted clutter from my life. That also goes with people. I feel calmer about life in general. And with more space I don’t feel the need to buy more to fill it up. I was thinking of getting a new chair or A pouf or leave the space empty as is. It’s nice to have the space to be honest with you.

Also my mother asked if I wanted the old bedding that was in one of the guest rooms and I wanted it because it was lighter in color and I was rather sick of my old coverlet. I have to say I’m definitely happy to have it and my old coverlet I gave to a friend who wanted it so it was a win win.

The pillow I had bought a few years ago from ikea and had given it to my mom to use because she had a rainbow type of painting anyways she got new things and asked if I wanted the pillow. I said yes because it’s a nice pop of colour in my room.

I definitely don’t think you need to have nothing in your home if your a minimalist. But I do think it’s great to declutter your belongings and knowing what you need in order to be happy. I had also watched a YouTube video about gift giving and what is perfect for the minimalist.

So I put together a gift guide for the minimalist for my family, because as far as jewelry, clothing or hair products I don’t need any more of it.

  • Consumables, this could be things I can use up that wont be sitting around for months on end. Such as gift card to any of the grocery stores like Food Basics, Loblaws. Even cooking, baking something is always a great gift.
  • Pier One Imports gift card, I really like their oil diffusers and scented candles, Bath and Body Works for their scented candles. 
  • Razor blades such as Schick Quattro for women. My favourite perfume that is basically done is Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.
  • Spending time together like going for lunch or going to see a movie. Also movie gift cards are great idea.

So that’s what I’m about now. I’m just on a completely different level then I ever have been before and I feel great about it. Plus also much more free of heavy weights.

Do you live a minimalist lifestyle? What are your thoughts?



3 thoughts on “Living A Minimalistic Lifestyle

  1. I agree with this, and that a lot of consumerism is driven by advertising, and our inner issues. Shopping “just to shop” and to avoid reality leads to too much stuff, guilt and more problems. In the end, we don’t take anything with us but our souls, so living a quick, clean life is easier in the interim. I have found focusing on other things than constantly checking the same websites (through exercise, pets, etc.) leaves me a lot happier — though breaking the habit is always the tough part.

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