Decluttering Before 2019

Well I did it again. I went through my closet and removed four items. A suit jacket that I no longer needed plus it’s not my favourite. A black sleeveless top I’ve worn once. And a skirt I bought because I thought it was a smart thing to do at the time that I’ve never worn. As well an open cardi I haven’t touched since my dog died. Always hated how it hung to my body.

I have one suit jacket that is classic which I absolutely love. A skirt that is the same  material as the one I donated but in a classic pattern it’s very pretty. And a similar top in shape and fabric but in a beautiful pink floral pattern. As for open cardi I have another one that is very pretty as well.

Honestly since decluttering my wardrobe I’ve kept all the pieces that I 100% love and that I always gravitate towards. It also makes getting dressed quite easy to do. I tried on three skirts today to make sure they all fit still which they do which I’m happy about.

I think it’s important to know that you are not your possessions. And you tend to  gravitate to similar items you already own because you love those styles. Also we come to believe that we must own more to impress others but the fact is you are quite well amazing that if they are judging you on your clothing then they really are not worth your time.

I really do love everything I own now. Also I believe it’s important to own some classic pieces so it is always in style. I never follow fashion trends I follow what I like to wear. What complements my body and what I’ll want to grab every time I’m going out whether that be for a date, out with friends, or to work. Thankfully my work is business casual and I’m typically wearing runners at work so from the ankles up it’s fleece lined jeans currently and some form of a top not showing bare shoulders. And because it’s  been quite chilly nobody notices I’m wearing the same black fleece lined jeans. I just switch out the tops.

I just feel better as well about letting items go. I can’t really explain it but it just feels great to let go of things and just keep what I truly love. The coming new year will be filled with so much joy and knowing I’m going into it lighter and not so held down by my belongings or clothing I don’t need. Also my plan is to not buy any new clothing in 2019. Simply because I don’t need anything.

Bring on 2019.


Victoria Secret You Amaze Me

I decided to go today to buy a new bra in my usual size. But then a sales girl asked to measure me. I said it had been a while since but was like okay sure why not. Turns out I’ve gone up cup sizes. What the hell seriously 😳 I was blown away. Now I’m a 34DDD I bought not one but two new bras same style just one in basic nude and basic black. They both have a little lace but I can easily wear with a tshirt if I want too or like whatever. No push-up lightly lined Dream Angels Demi Bra.

Anyways my other two bras went to the trash since they are well over there best before date lol. I have two other bras one being a push-up the other just kinda cute and still in amazing shape. And three sports bras one that could be donated I’m sure and the other two still mint condition.

However I didn’t know that you should be fitted every 6 months. Well it’s been way over that time frame for me. Like two years haha oops. But I never thought I’d go up cup sizes. I have a 32DDD but that’s my push-up bra. Bras are interesting things as are our bodies.

So if your bras are fitting funny or very worn out go treat your breasts to some new bras they will Thankyou for it lol.

My Ever Changing Home

A few years ago even maybe before I moved out my father had  acquired three mirrored candle holders in different sizes. The sparkle of them lit me up, mainly because I love things that sparkle and glitters. Well I finally let them go and asked a friend if she wanted them. She gladly took them from me which made me feel lighter. I realized I no longer feel the need to have tons of sparkly items to make me love them. I can own fewer and still feel strongly about them.

I also downsized my nail polish collection. I’ve come to learn that I don’t need to own tons of pink nail polishes or glitter nail polishes to be happy. I used to think that having multiples of the same thing would be beneficial some how. Like owning five summer skirts in different colours and styles or tank tops for that matter. But we usually only end up wearing our favourite items anyways and those doubles or triples end up sitting in the dresser drawer and till it’s the last item you either end up wearing or not because you’re  wearing something else.

I spoke to my dad a week ago now and said there is a wonderful documentary on Netflix called, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things and was wondering if he would be interested in watching it also maybe my mom would like to watch it so she can get a better idea on why I’m doing it. And he said yes so I popped it into his list to watch later.

Of course everyone’s vision of living more simplistic is different. Some people like bare walls while others like to have few pieces of art work on the wall. Some have a capsule wardrobe while others have more than 50 pieces of clothing. Some own one purse while others like me have like 8 hand bags lol.

I have to say though which ever way you’re doing your minimalism I do know this. Everything that has happened to me since becoming more simple and minimalistic my life has changed for the better, I feel lighter, positive and energy wise it’s just been fantastic.

I no longer feel the need to keep owning things that are the same and having multiple items that are basically the same thing. I also no longer follow a ton of makeup gurus on YouTube if anything I enjoy watching minimalists and that sort of thing. Also it’s nice to have a bit more money that I can use to say finish my electrolysis and be done that sooner than later.

I’m just thrilled with how my life is going right now and if I knew things would change if I I lived more minimalistic. I would have done it sooner than later.

Here is the trailer


The Truth & Reality Of Minimalism

Yes you go through your things and remove a lot of your items. Donate or sell your things but you are also human and somethings you do need to buy. But when buying things you do it when your already in a good mood and you think about the purchase before making the buy.

I live in Ottawa Canada and currently it’s crazy cold here and we have already got snow. I bought my self new winter boots that are practical. I also bought new jeans that have fleece on the inside to keep my legs a touch warmer so I don’t need to wear tights under my regular ones. And yes I bought a few new tshirts because well I don’t have very many regular t-shirts. Also yesterday I bought new dressy boots because my ankle boots give me bruises when I go dancing in them. And these new boots can be worn with all of my clothing. But I also didn’t buy them because my mood was shitty infact I’m loving life and feel great.

Most of my past shopping was done to fill a void. I was bored or depressed or felt crappy and turned to shopping to fill that hole. And after I bought it and brought it home that feel went away and then I regretted the purchase. Now I think before I buy. Also you can’t think that minimalism people never buy anything besides food. I mean we are human after all.

I stopped buying paper towels in bulk same with toilet paper in bulk it’s a waste of money. I only buy those when I need it. There are some things us humans will have to buy because let’s face it clothing can fall apart or get stained and those things if they can’t be fixed will have to be rebought. But being more mindful and what not is important.

Undergarments such as bras have to be replaced as does underwear. I mean who never buys new items such as those. Unfortunately those items will fall apart and they should be replaced. Nothing worse then an uncomfortable bra or ill fitting underwear.

If you have a childhood toy and it means something to you then keep it. But if your like me and you have moved on then do what you want with it. Take a photo of it amd keep that memory. It’s your life and there’s no rule book. But by letting a lot of crap go and for the most part watch what you bring into your home. You will feel lighter and more free and more positivity will come to you it’s like good Feng shui.

Any of the minimalist videos I’ve watched they all go out and buy plants and get new underwear and shop at thrift stores. They are typically of average height too I might add. Plants are great if you can keep them alive. Also I’m tall so I buy specific jeans to my height. And will keep them for as long as I can. I’ve stopped buying handbags I had a bunch from when my godmother passed away that I’ve kept. I gave one away and my mother has one. I do have the rest of my bags under my bed in a container when not in use.

I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my things, I have kept things that mean something to me. And yeah sure having less is a great thing but I could never be one of those people with bare walls and live like I’m in a hospital or a nut house. Sorry but get real!. I understand having less is great but then there comes a point where bare walls is just boring to look at.

However whatever floats your boat I guess right?. What one person finds appealing someone else won’t and vice versa.

Life Changing

I was thinking today that my life has really drastically changed since the filming of my mini documentary. From Diva passing away to getting this amazing job and a handful of new fun fabulous friends. And doing all of it by my self. Of course I had family support through Divas death as well some friends who were there for me when I needed them. But it’s really amazing how much has changed. Also with me growing as a person.

My first few days going to work I thought 💭 wow I’m finally adulting lol. I really want to work my way up to possibly becoming a manager. Also I really have enjoyed my longer work shifts infact when my shifts are short I miss being at work. Which is funny to say but I have such a good time at work and thoroughly enjoy it.

I’ve  finally found a job I love and the only way I’d leave it is if I got fired which I don’t see that happening ever. Which is what I told my mom lol. I also love earning a paycheck like seriously 😳 that’s awesome. I think it’s all about timing. I’m happy that everything has worked out the way it has. Of course it’s unfortunate that my baby girl passed but I’m glad she’s in a better place and I’m happy that I have the time to put into working. Also when asked if I can stay longer at work I’m not like meh I don’t want too. I was asked to go in on my day off for a shift and I could have said no but I said yes because I really enjoy my job and didn’t mind it. I guess when you enjoy what you do and love it it makes it super easy.

What I like the most is that it’s the same work as in the tasks that have to be done. And because I’ve learned almost everything it makes it easy to do my job. And it can change with in minutes but even the days that you would think I’d get stressed out I stay calm cool and collected. Anyways I’m super happy, excited, thrilled, thankful and wonderful to be working for such a great company and yeah I’m just beside my self.

Taking Back Control

Cell phones are ruining our lives and our pockets with the high cost of data plans and such. I used to talk on the phone with all my friends all the time it was a thing. But now people use apps to have voice calls as well as texting is huge. But social media is a huge waste of time. You can waste so much time scrolling through Facebook as well Insta since I’ve put burlesque on hold I won’t be posting as much on my performer page on Insta. Anyways I’ve been wanting to get a better cell deal but why? More data means more aimlessly scrolling through social media. I used to have unlimited calling minutes but again it was a wasted feature because I hardly spoke to anyone over a phone. There are maybe three people I speak to over a phone and it’s not for very long. These days everyone texts it’s a raraity phone calls are made.

I decided last night to call it quits to the added feature on my cell plan which was for $25 you got 900mb and unlimited calling.

The plan I currently have with my provider is this

Loyalty Voice 35-100mb – $35.00/mo. Before tax

  • Call Waiting, Conference Calling
  • .50 Canada to US LD
  • Can-Can Text – Unlimited
  • Can-US/INTL Text – Unlimited
  • Unlimited Picture & Video messaging
  • Data-100MB Flex PDA (Still have no idea what Flex PDA does lol)
  • No nationwide LD charges
  • Call Display
  • Message Centre
  • 200 anytime local minutes
  • Unlimited nights (5pm – 7am) & weekends 5pm Friday – 7am Monday)

So with that added feature and tax I was paying $60 before tax’s. I was going to shop around for a new plan but honestly if I remove social media apps from my cell phone and just keep them on my iPad I think things will work out. I’ll keep Facebook messenger on my iPhone so I can at least stay connected to my friends that use it. But quite honestly having a more expensive cell plan isn’t going to make me feel better because having more data. Means more scrolling liking stuff just to pass time.

Also lately when I’ve gone to parties I leave my phone in my purse or if I do take it out I snap pics and back in my purse it goes.

My plan is to just use my cell phone as just that a phone. I’m removing social media off it as soon as my battery is charged.  And when I’m on break at work I’ll read a book on my cell if I feel the need to waste some time instead of wasting it on social media. I’m hoping by doing this,

  • A. I’ll save my battery life, by using my cell less to scroll it would automatically save battery life.
  • B. By limiting my usage to just my iPad. I’ll less likely want to go on social media and my iPad just uses my wifi at home.
  • C. I’ll save money by having a cheaper cell plan and just use my phone for music playing and the occasional bus app or uber app as well as Facebook messenger if making plans. Typically whenever I have my cell with me I always turn off my data when I’m done doing whatever it is I’m doing. But by removing the two main social media apps from my phone I’ll have to do other things to waste time.

By taking back this control I’ll also feel lighter mentally and feel more free. I’m all about not just living with less but having the freedom to have exactly that!.  Society says we have to have the best, more and everything else and I’ve always been about fuck society. By having less stresses in life I believe you will be a better and happier you.

So I’ll keep my minimalist cell plan mainly because you just can’t beat that. And with the amount of places that offer free wifi when out and about do you really need a crazy cell plan nah I don’t think so unless your addicted of course (big grin seriously 😁).

Burlesque On Hiatus

Looking at my work schedule, I have to put Burlesque on a Hiatus for the time being mainly because I value my sleep and my energy. Because my job is very active and I’m not always just standing in one spot. Also come Christmas I’m sure my shifts will be much longer since I have a few longer shifts coming up in the next few weeks.

After performing a week back and having to go to work the next day it really sucked all my energy the next day. And it wasn’t a feeling I overly enjoyed in fact I really disliked having no energy at work. I really enjoy going to work and enjoy my job. That I honestly don’t mind putting burlesque on a hiatus at the moment. And till I can work up to a fulltime position and my hours are for the most part set. Burlesque needs to be paused.

Because the main days for burlesque are The second Tuesday of the Month at The Rainbow Bistro and every Wednesday is at The Bourbon Room every week. My shifts sometimes start at 6:30am which means I’m going to bed at 8:15pm and waking up at 4:15am. The shows at The Rainbow Bistro finish around 11:30pm and the Bourbon Room finish around 10pm. With my work schedule I’m to drained to make it to a show or even wanna dance in one.

Listening to my body is super important now that I’m older then 25 lol. I need to focus on work because it takes full priority over performing. I thought beforehand that I could do both easily but it’s just not in the cards for me. That was also when I thought I was getting an office job. But retail is quite active and uses up a good amount of energy and I don’t just mean physical but also mental as well. Because you have to be quick on your feet and mentally too. But I wouldn’t trade it because I really do love working where I do. I know at some point both will be able to get balanced out and I’ll be able to do both but right now it’s just not possible without getting burnt out. And I don’t want that to happen so a pause in performing is a must.

Have you ever had something you had to put on hold because you didn’t have the energy for both?

Love My Job!

Honestly out of all the jobs I’ve ever done this is by far my favourite. I got to get my fingers wet again and worked on cash. It’s becoming one of my favourite things so far  especially the online returns because they are pretty easy to do. I also love when customers ask for my opinion on sizes and things like what do you think looks better. As well helping them in general. I’ve learned pretty much everything there is at my store and have really enjoyed it all. Also the great feed back I’ve gotten from management and my supervisor is awesome. My father always said you should love what you do. And so far  I honestly love it.

It’s also nothing like what I had done at Winners when I worked there in 2011. Everything happens for a reason and I believe it’s all about timing. So there you have it I’m loving my job as a Brand Associate yay me. Also the majority of my wardrobe is already ON so it just makes sense haha.

Do you love your work ?

I Survived My First Week LoL

I am quite proud of my self if I do say so. I survived my first work week though some days were short I still did it. I also managed quite well today being a big sale event. I thought my shift was for cash but it was switched to cleaning up the store and also offering customers a $1 coupon to some lucky folks. I also answered questions and even got  merchandise off a mannequin and redressed it. Today was definitely fun and I quite enjoyed it. I have to say though team members rock! At least all the ones I’ve met so far. It’s definitely nice to soak my feet though. And I’m still doing okay with my minimalist  wardrobe, I haven’t bought anything new. Even though I have seen many things I want hehe.

I also really like the positive feed back I’ve gotten from managers. And just the advice on things and what not. I really like my job and yeah just super thrilled about it. But also to I’ve realized I have to put burlesque on hold for a little bit just because of my new work schedule. It’s one thing to do it whenever when not working but now that I have a muggle job that takes priority right now since it takes a lot of my energy and right now because I’m part time my hours are here and there with some very early risings. And I realized this past Tuesday though I was off on the Thursday I was super dead on the Wednesday. And that is a feeling I definitely dislike. So I won’t be making that mistake again.

But that’s the fun thing about learning is that you find out what you can and can’t do, it’s called listening to your body. When it says please don’t do that again you have to be like okay sorry it won’t happen again.

Balance it’s all about balance.

And knowing what you can and can’t do.

Caramel Delight

So I did something I got new hair. Well of a sort haha 😂. I went to a salon and got some colour dimension put in my super dark hair. I originally wanted purple but super glad I decided on getting a partial balayage put in my hair. My friend who’s a hair stylist works at Salon 130 here in Ottawa. And she really listened to what I wanted I also brought in some photos so she had a better idea as well showed her one of the ones she did on a past client from her Instagram page.

Seriously she made my hair look amazing. I also just went for the colour and wash and style. I cut my hair my self and did a trim and bang trim my self. But for the highlight I thought better to go to a professional for the artistry. Sure I could have watched a YouTube video but I wanted this to look good and I don’t have eyes in the back of my head and I think it’s best to go to a professional for some hair services.

Anyways enough of me talking and let’s look at the beauty of my hair!

She also added a little high light to pop through in my bangs. This balayage definitely warms up my face and makes me look better I personally think. I’ll definitely never get any other kind of highlight again except for balayage. Also I wanted the partial because it’s less damaging then full.

  • Full Balayage is when it’s done on top of the section and underneath
  • Partial is done only on top of the section

Also I’ll have to go in every couple of months for them to tone it which is around $44.50 unless I found one that is blue, then I could always do it my self at home. So yeah totally in love with my hair and super thrilled I went to my friend Angie at Salon130.

Have you ever had a balayage?