The Great Gatsby


What a strange and funny book this was to read. Oh and the spelling on some words like tomorrow being two words not one. I found this book hard to follow along with. And at times I thought what the fuck am I reading?. If anyone has seen the film then I would say the book is not that far off from the movie. And if you just want to see the movie then you really don’t need to read the book.

I thought the movie was a little hard to follow and parts of the book okay wait the whole book I thought wow it’s just like the movie. Now before reading this book I had never seen the movie, I really had no interest in watching it. But 7 chapters into this book I thought let’s watch the movie on Netflix.

Honestly I liked when the movie ended and I was happy to finish the book the other day. So I never have to watch or read either of the two. Also the book was hard to follow as well the story line and to tell the characters apart from each other. It’s probably one of the worst books I’ve ever read.

But maybe for some people you might like it.

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My first book


Last year I decided to try to  write my first book. I made a separate page on my blog and made it private and till I wanted to make it public. I had my aunt try to edit some of it for me but she got to busy to finish it and I have tried my best to do some my self. But I’ve decided though it is still a work in progress I wanted to share it will all of my readers anyways. Even though it might need some more editing you can find it on the home page listed on top under Her Secret or you can click here.

A little background of the story, it follows Vivien on her journey of becoming a high fashion model and Luc a prominent fashion photographer set In New York City, it has drama, love, sex and craziness. I really hope you enjoy it. Please be kind if you leave comments at the end.



The World of Self Publishing

So I finally finished my book I’ve spell checked it and need to go through and edit it. But I’ve also been looking into self publishing sites and reading up on book covers and ebooks. I’ve found such sites such as these https// and, and self publishing sites as these and There is a lot to read and learn.

But I’m up for the challenge. Also for anyone who has published their own books any advice would be appreciated and or tips. Like should I make it public on my blog first or wait till I’ve got a cover designs and what not any help or advice would be awesome.

This is a completely new Territory for me but I think it will be awesome period lol.

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Its Getting Really Good & Some

My book that is. I’ve been writing about two or so chapters a day and then I step away and do other things. I still want to enjoy it when I return back to it. Iv always tended to give up if I got stuck at things but with my book I’m writing I’m enjoying it and the neat thing about writing your own book is that you can have as many different turns that you want. You can make the story go either way.

I do think it will reach a lot of different types of people when I get it out there for the world to read. I’ve still yet to get a title for it. But I’m sure with time it will come to me. I have an idea but still not 100% on it. I really love my two main characters. Its kind of funny to be writing something and not be able to share it with all of you just yet. So far only a small select of people have been able to read some of it. I’ve read it to my boyfriend and one other friend. And my mother has read some of it too and a friend of mine in the U.S. .

But everyday I’m adding to it, so far I have written 16 Chapters and still going. Its funny but time just flys right by me as I write like two hours have gone by just this morning from writing. Then I look at the time and go oh wow time to eat something haha. Though I think it might turn into a saga of sorts. I guess that’s the fun thing about when you write a book you don’t want the story to end and really its up to me if I want more books to come after this one. Or end the book where I want to and start a different one with different characters. Really the possibilities are endless. But there is so much that can happen it’s all so exciting.

I think I found my calling though haha. So that is what I have been doing the past week or so has been writing every single day. Of course I have been doing other things. Such as working out everyday. My boyfriend bought me the DVD box set Twilight Forever The Complete Saga. As a gift just for the sake of it which is super sweet. I loved the movies when they came out but never read the books though that will be next I think after I read the rest of the books I’ve got to read. This collection comes with over two hours of extra features which is really great.

My boyfriend and I also went to the movies yesterday to see Into The Woods. Really good movie a little slow in spots and my eyes started to close but then quickly opened them to enjoy the rest of the movie. It’s a long movie 2 hours and like 5 minutes. But It was nice to finally see it. And it was even better that it was not in 3D. The only movies that are good in 3D is when things fly out at you. That is it. Other wise I want to see movies in 2D. Call me a party pooper but its true like I saw Maleficent in 3D what a waste that was but this is my own opinion.

So ya I have been doing other things to take a break from writing but then come back and write more. I’ve always enjoyed blogging but now this book story telling is really fun. And I’m looking forward in sharing it when I’m done.

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I’m Writing A Book

So I’ve decided to start writing a book. The thought came to me a little while ago after watching Mike & Molly on tv. Molly decides to write a book and does so well she makes money at it. She had worked as a kindergarten teacher or something and wants something more for her self so she becomes a full-time writer. Any who I had also taped the J.K. Rolling story on TV. And that got me thinking as well maybe I could write a story.

So last night I came on here and started to write its an unpublished private page. Nobody can read it. And I don’t know the title yet but what I do know is that it has a handful of characters and it could be murder mystery but nobody’s dead yet lol. There is romance in it and fashion. So far I have written four chapters. It seems like I have a pretty good imagination.

And I’m rather excited about this. I mean I did say I wanted to do something creative I think I found my calling. Of course I’m nowhere near done and I have no idea how many chapters there will be but I do have a feeling it will be a series. And something that is not out there though I have no idea if there is or not. But then I’m just writing this for my enjoyment but I could see people buying it.

It’s keeping me busy. Though last night when I went to sleep all I could think of was my main characters stories and how they all intertwined together. I’m super excited about this new project of mine.

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The Fault In Our Stars


So there are two different covers to this book the movie tie in and just the regular one. My boyfriend and I went to see this movie. The movie was great and if it was not for wearing mascara that was not water proof I would have let my self just cry my eyes out. That being said a week later I bought the book to see how close it was to the movie and I have to say it was almost spot on.

When I bought the book there was the two different covers so i bought the one with the movie tie in and glad I did since it had a few photo’s from the movie. But both books are the same. I really loved the movie and I really love the book. I want to say its like the new version of The Note Book its like on that kind of crazy level.

The story is amazing and the ending I never thought it was going to turn out the way it turned out. That being said it’s a must read book and must see movie.

5 out of 5 Stars.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy


As my last post spoke about that I had read the first and second book I also then read the third book. I got so mentally involved that I had to find out what happened in the last book. And because the movie is coming out next year that is what made me want to read the books so I could not only better understand the movie but what the huge hype was about when they first came out. Because when they first came out I was not much into reading anything major if it did not involve Marilyn Monroe lol.

Moving on I had heard from some people that they either loved the books or hated it so much they never read the last two in the series. Or they read the first two but not the last. The first book I was not overly loving, the second book it got better so much so it sucked me in and so the last book I had to have. The last book is so different from the first two you really get to know these people and why they are who they are. I have to say I really loved the last book. And the ending I was not expecting at all. In all honesty I really loved the books. And was sad when it was all done. I’m excited to see the movie next year when it comes out and it will be interesting to see how much of the books they cram into the film.

With that said I rate these books a 5 out or 5 Stars.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey & Fifty Shades Darker

50ShadesofGreyCoverArt 167872720

I’m a tad addicted so far. I bought the first book last week and finished it Friday. Then had to get the second book. I like the second book more so than the first because it really goes into the characters back stories much more. It’s intense, exotic, deep, passionate. Also annoying, crazy and fucked. But when I read one chapter I get deeper into it and then have to read another. I’m far from finished the second book but by friday I’ll most likely be done.

As of lately I have been watching movies and then reading the books. I had heard about these books when it was all the rage but I had no interest then. Then I saw the movie trailer for it and thought I should read the books before seeing the movie. And here I am reading the books on my Iphone I bought them on Ibooks because its cheaper than buying them paperback. And funny enough it does not eat up my battery life-like apps do lol or texting.

Of course I will most likely be getting the third book so I know how it ends. I’m hooked now so I need to know what happens to Mr Grey And Ana. These books bring thoughts into my mind from my past and meeting and talking to people who have been in that lifestyle. However these books are not just about BDSM. What I get from the story is it’s about two people who find each other. Learn from one another about love and trust. And letting people into your life that you normally would not. That’s what I’m getting from them so far.

I personally think they’re worth the read. So Far.

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Divergent Book Series by Veronica Roth


If you have not seen the movie go and get the books. My boyfriend and I watched the movie in theaters the first of many I hope. Divergent which is this amazing movie and series of books By Veronica Roth. After the movie my boyfriend went out and bought all three. He read the first book then gave me to read as he went on to read the second and third book.

It’s mainly around 5 factions society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue—Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent) and the two main characters Tris and Tobias. It’s a love story of sorts as well where do you belong. That is all I’m going to say because you just have to trust me on this its a really great read oh and the fourth book is now out which I am currently reading. My wonderful boyfriend bought it yesterday so I could read it since he has started reading the first book again.

I’ve never watched a movie before that I recall and then started reading the book. It was neat to see in my imagination what the movie left out that the first book had and then to imagine how it went from there reading the second and third book and even the fourth.

It’s the kind of book where you start reading it and you don’t want to put it down. If you have not seen the trailer for the movie check it out below, Oh and Go get the books for a fun thrill ride experience.