Good Bye Capital One

Today I made my last final payment to this Credit Card. Next week when the payment gets posted I’ll be calling and telling them to cancel the account. And then I’m doing a much-needed happy dance and then take my kitchen scissors to the card and cut it up into a shit load pieces lol. One card out of my life and one to go.

I was going to wait to pay the remaining bit because they were not asking for a payment because of the amount I put onto it earlier in the month but I thought I have the money, I might as well just do it and get it over with.

Also too this credit card had nothing special about it. Some credit cards like the other one I have, for every dollar you spend you get a movie point for it and once you have 1000 points you can redeem them for a free movie at the theatre. Which I like and the card I have for the theatre I can also collect points on when I am not using the credit card.

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Bye Bye Credit Debt


My last credit debt update was July 4th 2015, so in that post I had written about freezing my one big credit card literally well it didn’t last long and I had given it to my mother to hold on to it for me. Sadly I had used it like twice before giving it to her. I told her to hide the card from me because I didn’t want to know where it was. If you can’t see it and don’t know where it is then it’s hard to use it. Good news is it’s so very slowly coming down. It’s not any where near where my other credit card is but it’s slowly coming down.

Now the small credit card I have and I say small because it has a lower credit limit is on its way out sooner than later. I can happily say it’s almost paid off I only owe like $350 left on it to pay. From originally $1500. I will most likely jump for joy when it says $0 and then I’ll be calling the company to say thanks but no thanks and I’m canceling the card.

Then I only have the big card to pay off. Slowly but surely they will all be paid and I will never get back into credit debt again. Because the new plan is to then get a much lower credit card or even have the big credit cards limit reduced by 80%. So it’s a much more manageable amount so I can still have credit but have it be more easy to pay. I think having credit is a good thing but I think you have to be realistic with how much you have and how much you can handle.

Of course these credit card company’s don’t care as long as you have to pay them. And the more debt you get into with them the happier they are. Because you have to keep giving them money. And the bigger credit you owe the longer it takes to pay it off the happier they are. So by paying more than the monthly amount is the better it is and the quicker you see the amount lower and see your debt go away. Nothing is more gratifying then seeing that debt number go down.

Cya Credit Debt

Freezing your credit card


So if you all remember I had gotten a second credit card with a big limit on it. I also have the other credit card which in the next 6 or so months will be canceled because it will be paid off. Now my second credit card I have used many many times such as my dogs dental work and moving and shopping and buying things for not just my apartment but my self such as clothing and other things. The hard part is knowing that it’s in a drawer and can be easily taken from and put into my wallet. And the bring it with me just in case I don’t have enough cash.

But today I did something about it and I put it into a small container filled it with water and stuck it in my freezer. I have to stop using it and the only way I know how without cutting it up into pieces is by freezing it. I need to get a hold on this credit spending. Because at the end of the day I have to pay it all back. And at this rate I’m having trouble not using the card. I also need to curb my spending. On the bright side of things I have money in my savings account. And I have food in my fridge and pantry. I have clean clothes and dog food and my rent and bills are paid.

But using the second credit card has been my down fall. And I think by literally freezing the card I will think twice about using it from here on out. Because it won’t be so easily reachable. A. I’m not waiting for it to thaw out. And B. To speed up the processes you can’t microwave it to thaw other wise you melt the card. So by the time the thought comes to use it. The thought will quickly disappear when you realize it’s frozen.

It’s either this or cut up the card but I think this method is better. Then once the card is paid off in full I can ask them to lower the card where the limit is more manageable. Or have them cancel it and just do cash. Currently non of my bills are on credit and everything is paid through my bank. So really having a credit card is pointless since its cash that’s not really yours to begin with. I think my get out of debt plan will work doing it this way. Again my one credit card I don’t use and have been making great ways in paying that down. Now I just have to work on this second card.

Personally the only thing credit has been good for thus far is my dogs quality of life and having her dental work done, and buying the things I have needed for my apartment. And some clothing and maybe some food but that’s it. And even the clothing I could have waited to buy. I just went shopping crazy and the only person to blame is my self. And the only person who will get out of debt is my self so that being said this is the end of this post and I will slowly get out of debt. I’ve done it once I’ll do it again. But stay out of debt.

1. Place credit card in plastic container

2. Fill container with water

3. Place container in back of freezer

4. Close freezer door

5. Forget you even have a credit card

The next time you want to use your card you will think twice about it because you would have to thaw it to use it and by that point the thought will have passed.

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Paying Down Your Credit Card


Basically having to take my dog to the vet and it costing almost $1000 put a huge dent in my credit card. Then moving right around the corner and using my credit card and some of the other things that were already on it has put a dent into it. But now I have to stop using it all together so I can lower it a lot. I’ve already got my other credit card almost paid off only about $1000 or so to pay on that and then it’s being canceled. But this new card I have has been a blessing as well a curse. A blessing because my dog has amazing breath now and I did need some of the things for my apartment. But it’s also a curse because I have more credit debt then when I started out. But such is life I just have to stop using it and I have removed it from my wallet so there is no temptation. I looked at my limit on-line and noticed it was higher than the last time I checked so this is a wake up call for me. The joys of being an adult and a responsible one at that.

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So iv hid my credit card so I can stop using it while I pay it off again. At $200 per month I should have it paid off in the next 6 months or so. Iv done it once before I can do it again.

I also need to budget my money better then I have been. Now that I have a relationship I really need to buckle down in spending and going places. Iv also decided to stop colouring my hair. Because I plan on going blonde when it gets a bit longer. So really doing my roots every four weeks or so is pointless.

Iv decided to put my self on a $20 dollar allowance whatever I don’t use that week I can transfer to the next. And when going out I will only have cash with me the bank card will have to sit at home. I tend to just use the bank card and carry no cash but that has to change.

As for upgrades like doing my headboard and making it glam will have to wait till the fall. My father is going to help me transform it. But I’ll wait till the fall to do that since it will cost some cash for sure to DIY it.

Thankfully clothing and shoes and undergarments. I don’t need. So ya need to really start to budget better. Buckle down man lmao.

The joys of money lol.
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My New Get Out Of Debt Budget Plan

So I will be at it again getting out of debt that is. I stupidly got my self back into credit debt I know I know all my fault. But I have a new get out of debt plan. I have 6 months to make $250 payments. Starting in May is when I will make my first payment and the final payment will be in October.

I will still be able to put money into my savings account at $100 bucks a month and still have a little bit of money to throw around after paying rent and my cell phone bill. Not a crap load but some. Since getting my new relationship and some new friends I have been spending like I have the cash and in reality I really don’t so now I need to buckle down and smarten up.

Eating out as much as I have been is no longer an option same thing with having drinks with friends. Eating out maybe once in a blue moon. Or as a special treat. Also it will not kill me to not spend money I can do it. If I can lose 40 pounds I can spend less and save more and be better with my money.

Last year when I paid my credit card off I had no life. I made bigger payments and left myself with almost nothing. This time around I make a big enough payment but not so big where I leave myself with nothing. Smaller payments but big enough it puts a dent into my credit debt. Then I am able to still have some money to live and do things with my man and my friends. But being smarter with my money.

6 months at $250 a month means $1,500 will be reached and paid up. Thankfully I’m not right at $1,500 but I’m like $66 away from it being that. Any who so ya I think my new budget works and is way more realistic than last years was.


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