Dear Late 20’s You

A dark tunnel is upon you. There is no light there is no way out. A kitchen knife so sharp it sliced through your skin like tissue paper. Depression has taken you hostage and food has become the addiction. But if I could tell you then there will be a light 💡 there will be a way out you won’t feel so alone.

You will over come your struggles and how you feel about yourself. You will take ownership of your body and your mind. You will become in charge of how you see your life and you will get the surgeries to better match how your body is within your  brain.

Just wait things are about to get better. You are very strong intelligent and smart and when you put your mind into something and make the decision to get something done you follow through.

Life is about to get better just wait and see your 30’s are about to be the best years of your life yet. Oh and remember I Love You!.


Dear Early 20s You

You got through high school even though it was rough and tough you made it through. You always had that dream of becoming who you always wanted to be and it finally became light the summer of 2000.

You made the right decision to finally let out the girl within you. Sure there was a whole new world out there you didn’t expect or knew and though it was scary you did make it through. Even though you reverted back to your old life a few times because of the unknown and unhappiness. When you make your mind up you do  eventually see it through.

If I could have told you then that you are amazing I would have and you will meet the most amazing people ever in the future just wait.

I Love You 😘

Dear Teens You

You took a drink to many

you tried drugs and did to many

you tried to push who you were away

you slept around

you felt alone


it wasn’t their fault

though you felt it was

they didn’t have the right information

they didn’t have all the services they have now


they love you no matter what

they really would do anything for you

even though you felt alone

you really weren’t


you were loved than

your loved now

They love you 😘

I love you 😘


Dear Early Teens You

Please forgive your self.

The future you, the You who is writing to the younger you wants to let you know that your body image dreams do come true. The person you so wanted to become does in fact become a reality. It was not an easy road if anything it was a very hard road with a lot of bumps and curves and bends but it’s brought fun amazing crazy wild moments with it as well.

Id also like to say that where you went the path you went down the mistakes you made, also made you the person who survived the person who took control of where your path went. Even though you made mistakes and even though you had some unfortunate events. You made it out as a stronger individual. You are so much more than you even realize.

You had a hard time sometimes you brought things on your self and other times it was just how the cards were laid out before you. But you made it out onto the other side and became a stronger person.

You are loved

I Love ❤️ You!!!!


Dear You

I know growing up was difficult. You had a hard time learning, and information wasn’t something that came to you easy. If anything it was extremely hard to learn everything. From not speaking and till the age of 4-5 years old. Friends were hard to make being extremely shy didn’t help.

And being put into a  special ed class was not a fun experience. You were loved! I know moving around was not easy on you a new house 🏡 a new neighbourhood and usually a new school. An tho for your brother who could easily talk to people for you it wasn’t that way. You had no control over it and sadly your safe space was up rooted time and time again.

It was perfectly okay to be upset 😭. It was okay to cry and it was okay to be annoyed 😒. You were a child that needed a safe space. But remember even tho you had difficulty you were always loved!!!. And even though you didn’t love yourself. Your family loved you very much as I now love you too!!!!!.

If only you loved yourself as much as I love you now!!!!




Dear Baby 🍼 You

You were loved, you were loved a lot!

The babysitter who molested you

It wasn’t you’re fault

He was sick

He wasn’t thinking well

He didn’t care about you

Here is hoping karma is getting him

Just know you are loved!

I love you 😘!!!!!