Divas Latest Health Update

So miss Diva was due for her annual checkup but she also had some blood in her stool last week. I also thought she had a mass in her left side near her hip joint.


The scoop, the mass is a over developed muscle so not a mass at all. Her anal glands were super full so much so it was dark brown paste. The vet emptied them. Her heart rate is normal nothing has changed with the murmur. She has arthritis in her right leg higher up nothing to crazy tho.

The vet recommended she eat cooked plain beef and white rice for a few days to see if The mucus poop goes normal. There hasn’t been much blood since and it’s not a ton nor is it everyday. But a few small meals of the beef and rice a day.

She did get into that trash two weeks ago when I was out doing burlesque. So we think it might be something she consumed.

Over all shes healthy besides this small issue.

PS her 10th birthday is coming up next month.


Miss Divas Health Update


So Miss Diva went to the vet, the lump that I found was nothing to worry about just normal aging. Her thyroid was lower than normal so now she’s taking medication for it. It was tested recently and it was then quite high but now she’s taking half a pill every 12 hours. She will have to remain on this medication for the remaining of her life.

Also sure some days she will play more than others but the biggest improvement was a few days were milder and we went on some pretty long walks like we use to last year and she did great. Didn’t even have to carry her so I was very happy about that.

She also had these spots of patches of fur loss/dryness stuff happening they we’re swobbed and everything came back normal from the test that took place. But a few days after I found a few spots that were bigger and one was very dark coloured on her neck to which I took photos and sent them to the vet.

Diva is now taking antibiotics to clear that stuff up. I have cleaned the spots here and there. I’m hoping it clears it up other wise more blood work will have to take place and find out the underlining cause. At first we thought it was the thyroid but now the vet thinks it’s a anti viral issue.

On the positive side of things she finally pooped on her potty patch yesterday which I was thrilled about. It was pretty icy yesterday evening so I was happy to not have to go out with her. She has used her potty patch many times to pee. But yesterday was he first time she pooped. Yay diva lol.

So that’s the latest update with Diva.

Divas Strange Behaviour

This Thursday she’s going to the vet to get checked out. Since the last week of November she’s been acting odd I mean my dogs never been to overly weird but with in he last few weeks she hasn’t totally been her self. On short walks she has gotten slower by the time we are near the house she wants to be picked up. And when I pick her up and carry her home she’s very content. This seems to happen either if it’s mild/damp out. Or she’s spent to-much energy. My mom seems to think she has arthritis which could be true but without knowing for sure we don’t honestly know. Also her playtime is way shortened like all of five minutes after she plays she gets tired. The last week or so she seemed to be on a water strike to the point of her poop being hard. I then went to the supermarket and picked up no added salt chicken broth. And gave her 1/2 cup of it in the morning which she drank and then mixed some in with her water which she one day almost drank the whole bowl of water the next day it as much. So for two days we did that. I’ve  made notes to bring with me to the vet and I’m recording her time frame when she drinks water.


I’ve  also found a lump that’s fairly hard near her left arm pit size of a quarter . Yes I did go to petmd.com just to see what the different bumps are that dogs get. Now here’s what’s funny, she’s eating her food just fine. And eats treats fine. I should also point out her poop has got back to normal. My mother said maybe she’s depressed because there are no other dogs around. At my parents she was surrounded by two other dogs. But here it’s just us. As I said we can maybe about different things but the reality is if you don’t know take the dog in to get checked out you’re not gonna know what the deal is. I do know though a few vet appointments ago I was told Diva had a number 1 heart murmur so I’m wondering if maybe it’s gotten worse.

I know senior dogs can slow down but she just turned 9 in August and she was fine before then. So I know full well something is wrong it’s just a question of what. I haven’t wanted to blog in a bit and till I know what’s up but here I am. Hopefully I’ll have better news when I write my next post about Diva in my follow-up. I’m hoping it’s nothing  serious and it’s just depression or something. And hopefully her lump isn’t anything major like “C”. Because wouldn’t that be a real shitty Christmas 🎁!.

Anywho that’s the latest news of Miss Diva.

Diva’s Getting Skinny!

img_4586I called the vet to find out what I could do for divas weight. They recommended that I give her less treats and see how that goes. An acquaintance of mine who would give Diva dog treats every time we saw her and her dog. She lives close by and very close to the path I walk her on. Anyways I was getting concerned because it was like she wasn’t losing enough weight but once I cut back on the amount of treats she was getting as well me giving her she’s really dropped down.

I recently weighted her and she’s sitting at 18.6 pounds. Which is awesome because her ideal weight is 17.5 so she’s a lot closer now to before which was 19.4. I’m extremely happy and can tell she’s lost weight because when I pick her up she’s lighter. I know it’s not good on senior dogs for them to be over weight or any dog for that matter.

I want her to be as healthy as possible and that means cut back on the treats she gets. I did inform my friend to give less snacks because Diva needs a cut back. She respects it which is awesome.

Need Diva to be her fit self. And stay around longer.

Divas Vet Visit


So last Saturday Diva went to the vets. She has a uti and the spots that have been pretty red and not going away is a bacterial infection caused from the urine that drips from her and gets on her skin.

She’s now taking antibiotics and have been taking them since Saturday evening. One pill every 24 hours with food. The vet said the uti should clear up in two to three days and the red spots in about a week. Other wise she’s in good health. He said she has a small bladder. He said nothing about her weight so I guess it’s okay that she’s not her usual 17.5 pounds. Right now she’s 19.4 is what she came in as.

Anyways she is doing well on the antibiotics, she usually is good with meds and hints like that I’m lucky she doesn’t have any bad reactions to medication. Also I was not ask at all about getting her re vaccinated which is good. All in all she’s doing great yay.

Over & Out

Miss Diva Has Blood In Her Urine & Some.


I noticed it today when I took her for her morning walk. Not sure how long it’s been going on for and the only reason I noticed today was because of a leaf she happened to pee on. Of course I did what most people do I went to PetMD.com and looked it up.

And yes I did make a call to my vet for Saturday to go get this checked out. Because we can’t have Diva getting sick on me just yet. I’m crossing my fingers it’s nothing to serious. But at the same time I can also get these red spots checked out as well. I’m pretty sure they are from the urine she constantly does and then it goes onto her skin. I have been using antibacterial soap and antibiotic ointment for the red marks to heal them. After shaving down some of the area so it can get dried out. But this morning I noticed new spots. I’m kinda confused about that. Anyways all will be looked at come Saturday morning.

Of course any time your dog or cat has something we worry because that’s what us pet parents do. They are our kids practically. Some people have human kids and some have pet kids. I’ve been extremely lucky that Divas never been really sick before. The only thing medically I’ve really had to deal with was her urine issue that she’s had since she was little a her having 11 small teeth removed. As far as being sick she’s been super healthy. The last time we were at the vet they said she had a small like 1 level heart murmur but that’s it. Of course when ever you read something on the net that your dog could have we go right for the worst instead of the not so bad. Must be a brain thing or a worry thing I dunno. But I’m really hoping it’s just a urine tract infection that can be dealt with antibiotics.

Anywho will update all of you after I find out what’s going on.


Divas Sores Are Back

If your new to my blog then you might not know this but my pooch Diva has a tinkling problem. She tinkles without knowing it. And because her fur is fluffy and thick she can only go a few days and till I have to butt bath her and wash her area up. Other wise she gets these urine sores. When I was away in California and we had a dog sitter they never washed her and I’m sure if I had asked it wouldn’t have been done.

Two years ago she had really bad sores on her backend. I stupidly had her cut into a lioness cut when my mother said just to shave the area down and leave the rest of her fur alone. But oh no I wanted her cut cute other wise she would look stupid oh so I thought. I thought wrong of course and she developed post-clipping alopecia.

Her fur has luckily fully grown back. But now the sores are back. Yesterday I carefully trimmed her fur in the area. Then bathed her and took small clippers and shaved the area where the sores are so I can put polysporin on them and heal them up. I did it in such a way the it doesn’t look to noticeable and when her tail is down you can’t even see it.

Hopefully it won’t take to long to heal and her fur will be grown in by winter. The things you do for your pets lol. Love her.

Muddy Mutts

Question? Are you a dog owner? If you are than this post is for you. Do you ever wish there was something to protect your dogs legs and underbelly from rain, dirt, mud, snow. Do you have a dog with a white coat, fluffy, long or even curly? Do you wish there was something you could get to protect your dog from all of it and still have them dry?. If the answer is yes to any of it then keeping reading.

Everyone that knows me knows that Diva is fluffy white and blonde and it pains me to have to walk her when it’s raining, after it’s rained and when it’s snowy and slushy. Well I found an amazing product online.

(Tired of spending all that time cleaning your pet after going out for a walk? Now with the Muddy Mutts Dog Apparel you don’t have to!

Muddy Mutts Dog Apparel are perfect for all seasons. They are not a fashion garment, but rather an essential piece of outdoor clothing, intended to protect your dog from the elements and make their owners life a little bit easier.

Muddy Mutts are perfect to be worn on their own or they can be combined with a fleece-lined, waterproof dog rain coat or any other dog coat or jacket for all-over protection. Add dog boots that won’t fall off and the coverage is complete.

From head to toe, (or should we say tail), your dog will stay clean and dry no matter what the weather.)

I bought Diva Muddy Mutts and even though st first she was like “WTH” but she quickly was fine with them so much so that it rained last night and this morning it’s still kinda wet out the grass is wet and there are some puddles. I snapped a photo of her wearing her Muddy Mutts.


As you can see above it has four reflectors on the cuffs. Velcro to tighten around the ankles and three clips that go over the upper body. One on the back, middle and shoulders. You can add booties if you wish as well a coat. I put her harness on first then the suit and collar. They can still use the bathroom perfectly fine for males or female. And it comes in black and bright yellow. They ship worldwide and they give you measuring instructions on their site. Diva is a small with longer legs. And there sizes are from XX-Small to X-Large. They respond to emails pretty quickly and I’m so glad I found these because I hate having to bath her every-time it’s gross out.

When we got back in this morning and I took Muddy Mutts off her. The only part that had a little water was her feet. The rest of Divas body was dry. I can hear the angels sing lol. It’s like finally something that works.

I’m not being paid for this post or compensated in any way and bought this product with my own money.

Miss Diva!

So before going on Vacation I got a text then I got an email followed by a postcard saying it was time for her examination and updated vaccines. One being a booster shot for her rabies shot she got last year called DHPP and another bordetella shot which is if she gets boarded. After doing some major reading about over  vaccination and talking to a very close friend I’ve decided diva doesn’t need them. Apparently after their first set of shots as puppy’s they really don’t need yearly or every three year shots. Even though some country’s or states demand they get their rabies shots.

More info here:

  1. http://s3.amazonaws.com/dogsnaturally/FreeVaccineGuide.pdf
  2. https://s3.amazonaws.com/dogsnaturally/Vaccines-DNM-BW.pdf

I called my vet and spoke to the vet tech. I asked why Diva needed the DHPP shot. The vet tech said its one of the core shots. I told her she had her rabies shot last year, she will be 9 years this month we as humans don’t get boosters every year I really don’t think she needs a booster. She agreed. I also said she got her bordetella shot last year, she goes to Petsmart once in a while, what’s the shot for. She said its if she gets boreded. I said she really doesn’t and I don’t want to give my dog that shot. I did say I’d bring her to get examined but the shots I’m not doing. She said she would put it into the file.

A very good friend of mine who knows a lot about animals said to me her dogs and cats get their first set of shots as puppies or kittens and then that’s about it. Since moving to a farm though she did have one of them get a rabies shot but other wise doesn’t  vaccinate yearly or every three years and will only bring them to the vet if it’s major other wise they have never had a problem health wise.

Also from what I have read vets for the most part push unnecessary vaccinations on animal owners to get paid. And animals Immune systems are pretty tolerable in fighting off things. We as humans don’t need yearly vaccinations. Some people get the flue shot yearly while others don’t. It’s not mandatory and it’s up to each and everyone to do what they want to do.

Diva is super healthy with a small heart murmur. And ever since her dental work before I moved she’s in great shape. Sure she’s slowing down some but she’s pretty damn healthy. And I’d like to keep her that way. I would suggest to any pet parent to read up on vaccinations lots of info about over doing it and the like. The more informed you are the better.

Diva says hi!