Caramel Delight

So I did something I got new hair. Well of a sort haha 😂. I went to a salon and got some colour dimension put in my super dark hair. I originally wanted purple but super glad I decided on getting a partial balayage put in my hair. My friend who’s a hair stylist works at Salon 130 here in Ottawa. And she really listened to what I wanted I also brought in some photos so she had a better idea as well showed her one of the ones she did on a past client from her Instagram page.

Seriously she made my hair look amazing. I also just went for the colour and wash and style. I cut my hair my self and did a trim and bang trim my self. But for the highlight I thought better to go to a professional for the artistry. Sure I could have watched a YouTube video but I wanted this to look good and I don’t have eyes in the back of my head and I think it’s best to go to a professional for some hair services.

Anyways enough of me talking and let’s look at the beauty of my hair!

She also added a little high light to pop through in my bangs. This balayage definitely warms up my face and makes me look better I personally think. I’ll definitely never get any other kind of highlight again except for balayage. Also I wanted the partial because it’s less damaging then full.

  • Full Balayage is when it’s done on top of the section and underneath
  • Partial is done only on top of the section

Also I’ll have to go in every couple of months for them to tone it which is around $44.50 unless I found one that is blue, then I could always do it my self at home. So yeah totally in love with my hair and super thrilled I went to my friend Angie at Salon130.

Have you ever had a balayage?


The Bangs, Love Them Or Hate Them?

Bangs are really great for framing the face. Making a high forehead not look so high and usually flatters most face shapes. It can also make you look younger and heck if you have fine lines on your forehead kinda conceal them too.

Bangs however are not without some work. Such as blow drying them, using rollers sometimes and or a flatiron just to get them into the shape you want. Also it takes awhile to grow them out if you get sick of them.

I decided I wanted bangs fulltime again. I made the decision to cut them my self. But also had my mother’s hair stylist fix them just a touch. And now they are perfect. Also it makes my hair look even longer.

I really love how they look, I definitely suit bangs this I know. I was just sick of having bangs and grew them out. That’s the fun part about hair, if you don’t like something just change it or grow it out. Thankfully my bangs are long enough I can do different looks with. Also Anastasia from Fifty Shades I really loved her hair in the movie and her bangs are just so pretty. So that’s another reason I wanted them. And no that’s not because I’m submissive cause I ain’t 😈“ hahaha in a  dominant tone” lmfao.

Do you like having bangs? Share your thoughts in the comment box.


I Finally Met My Hair Goal

I can happily say my hair goal to having long hair has been met. Obviously when it’s not curled it’s a bit longer. I figure by Christmas it will be past my boobs. And when it’s in a ponytail it’s definitely longer then my faux one that I have. I had my hair complimented on a few times last night at my burlesque show. One of the performers asked if it was all natural.

Its taken me about four years to get here. And I wish I hadn’t done a few things to it but over all I’m very proud of my self of getting it this long. Since it’s never been like this in my life. The two photos on either side is one more fluffed then the other. I’m still working on growing out my bangs.

I do a deadend trim every three months or so mainly by taking the hair between my fingers and going down the hair shaft by trimming what pops out so I don’t loose length and if need be I’ll do a tiny trim on the ends if it needs it. I don’t use a blow dryer. I rarely use heat. I sleep on a silk pillow case and I do my root color about every two months. I will do an oil treatments every so often but not once a week.

I definitely have to say, wigs are fun for performing but wearing my own hair is way easier. Plus depending on the act I’m doing it’s less hassle. I like having options.



Minimalism, Consumerism & Fast Fashion

I’m pretty much done with downsizing my belongings. What I’ve learned tho is you don’t have to own nothing to be a minimalist.

Now with consumerism and fast fashion. I’ve bought things that would be considered fast fashion but I’ve held on to items for years that are still stylish and look good. I guess I would say I’m a smart shopper.

The top above is new bought at Fairweathers. It didn’t cost a ton but it looks great and I can wear it like that or off the shoulders. It would look great with white skinny jeans, white shorts, jean shorts, jeans & skirts.

I don’t really buy much in the line of cloths anymore. I do think tho sometimes you have to replace items like foot wear,  undergarments, and that sort of thing. So when I do decide to buy a piece of clothing I’m more picky as to what it is. I do own pieces that I don’t believe are fast fashion. I’ve never really been one who bought things that were overly trendy or what’s in every season.

If I like a piece and I like how it fits then that’s what makes me want to buy it. Like the top above is a size large, when I went to the store originally I tried a size Medium and it wasn’t fitting right and I put it back. But when I went back a week later they had a large and it fit great.

I would say my style has evolved, and I’d condsider to have some style more so now than before. I love the pieces I own and I really have to love something now before I purchase.

I do find it hard to go to malls or shops and want to buy things I don’t need from being a shopaholic before. So I limit my self from going. I will only really go now if I need something. Which is now more rare which is good.

I used to use shopping to fill a void and or fill a gap but then as soon as I bought it the high would then in turn to feeling bad about what I had bought.

What I’ll do now is really think about it. And if I don’t love it. It doesn’t come home with me. And I’ve passed up many things.

When it comes to home decor. I’ve also down sized a lot of things. But I’m done decluttering. My storage room I can walk into now which is awesome. Even nail polish I’ve down sized. Owning 30 bottles of nail polish but you only ever wear a few colours it’s kinda pointless plus it does go bad after a while so make sure to clean out. Which is what I did or gave away.

Anyways. I’m much more into being smart with what I spend my money on as well because I’m limiting my spending.  I’m actually saving money and I’m not completely strapped for cash like I was.

Yay me!

Eyeshadow Palette & Other Products

I wanted to write about this for a while but never got to it and till now. Over the holidays as well my birthday last year I was given a few Sephora gift cards. Well I used them a while ago before Diva left and I’ve been able to use the products multiple times. I bought a Make Up Forever Matte eyeshadow palette,  Anastasia dipbrow pomade, and some red eye glitter also from MUFE.

The eyeshadow palette is super pigmented, it’s very creamy as well and blends like butter. I’m pretty obsessed with this palette to be honest. And wear it a lot. To do smoky eye looks or natural. Also because they are so pigmented I’ve also done an eyeliner in my water line using some of the colours.

I would rebuy the palette tho.

I wish I had used Anastasia dip brow long time ago but I don’t follow trends when it comes to makeup. And I don’t buy into the hype of products. I do like the dip brow. The life span of it is 6months. I doubt I’ll even get through all of it in 6months. And a little goes a long way this is for sure. Though I love it, I don’t know if I’d rebuy it. Also it can rub off. So what they say about it not is bs. I don’t think it needs to cost as much as it does, maybe they could bring the cost down by putting it into a plastic container and not glass. Just a thought.

The red sparkly glitter I’ve yet to use. It’s super fine and very sparkly. I’m sure it will be like any other glitter. So that’s all I have to say about that for right now.

I also think matte eye shadows look way better than sparkly ones. On mature skin if your 21 to 25 maybe but if you are in your 30’s let go of them unless it’s for stage. Just my opinion since I’ve done both. I just find matte colors look there best. And it really enhances the eyes much more than shimmers.

Over & Out

Halo Extensions Are A Game Changer

I would have to say Halo Extensions are super easy to put in 3 seconds roughly and it takes less than a second to remove them. Though they are not permanent they do stay in your hair all day long. They do take some getting used to though, I’ve been wearing mine since early this morning and it’s now 6:12pm.

I’ve gone out in the wind, went on a fast walk for about 25mins. Traveled on the bus, went shopping, came home. It does get some getting used to when the wind blows and you can sorta feel it moving around but it doesn’t come off. I guess the gravity of your hair over top of the extensions really secure it into place.

Honestly there is no damage to the hair at all unlike all the other methods. The wire you do have to get used to. But because it’s clear it vanishes within the rest of the hair on your head once brushed. Also it makes your hair even thicker. Whether you buy it from some of the sellers online or directly from China like I did. You will be pleased and glad you did. The video below is when I got them in last Friday.

Get Natural Brows Without Makeup

I posted about this method on my YouTube Channel but I’ll write about it here because today I redid this method. My new way of dying my eyebrows is still using Just For Men Beard Dye but not leaving it on for five minutes.

Items you will need.

  • The kit
  • Cotton pads & Cotton Q-tips
  • An angled brush
  • Vaseline
  • Timer


  1. Using a Cotton q-tip put the Vaseline around your brows
  2. Remove the container from the box and mix equal parts of dye and developer about a pea size amount. Using the clear part of the applicator mix together.
  3. Using the angled brush dip into the colour and apply to brows making sure to get all the hairs and carve out your brows basically
  4. Set a timer for 2:20 minutes
  5. When the timer is up take a Cotton pad with cold water and wipe away
  6. Put a little Vaseline over the brows and your done

The reason I add some Vaseline afterwards is I find the dye a little drying afterwards. But it also makes it look good too. I usually dye or tint my brows when I remember too. It lasts about two to three weeks depending on washing your face and that sort of thing. Of course if you leave the dye on for five minutes it will tint your skin. I’ve learned from doing that. But I find by just doing it for 2:20 minutes it does it perfectly without totally tinting my skin.

It makes a huge difference. And on the days I don’t feel like wearing makeup or not a lot it’s great. Let’s face it brows shape you’re face. And from barely there to there is awesome.

Try it out and share your thoughts below.

Over & Out

Hello Long Hair

I’ve made it to one of my goal lengths which is the top of my bra band length. This photo is all my bio hair no hair extensions what’s so ever.


When it’s curled its of course shorter as seen with this photo


It’s taken me surprisingly not that long to grow it to my length,  approximately three years or so.

And even though there has been times I’ve wanted to cut it I’m happy I haven’t. For the most part I’m pretty low maintenance with my hair. I don’t usually use heat on it unless I’m curling it and I always use heat protectant. I’ve maybe blow dried it possibly five times in the years it’s been growing.

I would definitely say scalp massages have really helped, and tho I do use coconut oil on my hair and scalp I’d say it has helped but the scalp massages with my head down with the blood rushing to my head has done wonders lol. Because the blood goes to the roots and your hair grows from there. Plus it feels good to get or give yourself a scalp massage.

My next goal length is Mid-back length as seen in this chart.


That’s the chart I’ve followed since growing my hair out. It’s just a cute guide to follow and I’ve held on to it in my phone. I think it’s also important to take photos of your hair growth as you grow it out. I do think it’s important to get dustings or micro trims as they are called. I usually will give my self a micro trim every 3 months or so just to remove the dead ends and I know some people who are hair stylists would probably prefer people go in to get it done but honestly why am I going to go and fork over more than $20 bucks when I can do it my self and it costs nothing.

Its easy too do and takes me less than 20 minutes. I’m excited to see my hair length next summer and I will likely go to a stylist next year to get it done like cut into a long style with maybe some long layers but right now I’m good with how it is.

One of my hair goals sorta is to have hair like YouTuber Carli bybel not as long as her hair cause it’s like down to her butt but I’d love hair middle of my back like the bottom of my bra band at the back so yeah mid back lol 😂.

And yes I’m obsessed with long hair if you haven’t figured that out lol. PS I still take biotin just not as much as I had been taking before.

Hello Suzy Shier

It’s been about a minute since I’ve gotten new clothing well today was the day. Before I go on I should mention that I used to shop at this store like 8 years ago. Also deep down I love business casual attire. Pieces you can mix and match as well use for going out for drinks or date night or work.

So the last time I went to this store I noticed this gorgeous plaid skirt. It’s soft but heavy enough that you could rock hose or tights under it. Perfect for fall or even winter.

Also I love tops with bell sleeves. I found this gorgeous royal blue blouse with a tie detail in the back.

The skirt is so freaking cute and so comfy. I had to get another one but in a different pattern which they had.

The top I didn’t buy but did like it lol. I think I’ll get a lot of uses out of the two skirts. I don’t own many skirts as far as business casual types go. I find clothes shopping to be a pain unless I’m in the mood. Id like to find another pair of dress pants and another pair of shoes then I believe my business casual attire will be good to go.

Over & Out