Piano & Curls

One of my friends who is a extremely talented piano player put together an event last night where he preformed some of his own songs as well other tunes. It was held at his work. He played on a Yamaha Grand Piano. It was a good turnout and some really beautiful songs. As well as this piece he wrote for his wedding. He’s exceptional and plays really beautifully. You know where you hear music and it’s like you’re in heaven. Some of the pieces he played last night was like that just bright white light. I’ve always loved piano music.

This is one of my favourite pieces of his. If you subscribe to his channel I’m sure his performance from last night will be uploaded soon.

I decided to get my hair all glammed up and it was my first time wearing out my flip-in hair extension that I made. It has monofilament wire doubled. And I sewed the two quad wefts together to make one piece. As you see below. It’s a 18 inch and 15 inch together to make a layered piece.

I couldn’t resist not rocking it. And after a little while I forgot it was on my head. Though at first I was afraid it was going to come off with the wind. But by my surprise it stayed put and till I removed it when I got home.

My whole look really came together and the dark brown really pops with the white jean jacket. I felt like a million bucks but super comfy and casual. Also side note that Marilyn tank. Last year when I got it it would drop down to low when I walked and showed way more cleavage than I wanted so I removed about an inch of fabric and then re stitched it and now it sits perfectly.

It was a nice relaxing evening with friends and then I came home had two glasses of wine before I fell asleep watching tv lol.

Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Essence

I find it difficult to find eye shadows without the shine. Most palettes have a ton of shimmer colours but lack matte shades. Sometimes you just want a soft eye look without all the shine.

I picked up this Palette at my local Shoppers Drug Mart for a hefty price lol of only $5.99. I even used a little of the medium dark shade on my brows.


You can pick your Palette up at either your Shoppers or here.

Happy Blending!

Pink Bomber Jacket

I was out today looking for a black skirt but instead I landed on this gorgeous pink bomber jacket. It was on sale reg $35 on for $24.95. The one I tried on had the tiniest mark that I ended up getting but I also got 30% off because I asked if I could get like 10% off because of the mark. The sales girl was like I’ll give you 20% off and then quickly said I gave you 30% instead.

It’s a dry clean only but I’m sure the mark will come off when I gets cleaned. But it’s so small you can’t really see it. At least I didn’t see it till I took it off and looked it over. And the best part it fits in the arms which I always have trouble with. It’s super cute super retro and will be great with lots of different outfits.

The size I got is large. Just so you know what it looks like on someone who’s 6’2.

If your interested go check it out online at Suzy Shier and pick one up while you can.

Over & Out

Tape-in Extensions

My obsession with long hair continues though it won’t be through any sort of  permanent methods. My final realization was early this evening. Thankfully this time around I didn’t fork out a ton of money. I installed all 40 pieces of my tape-in extensions also had called a friend to help. Sadly that didn’t really work out and in the end I said fuck it and removed all 40 pieces.

Lets face it sometimes when you think 💭 an idea is gonna be so fabulous but then as your going through the steps and realize after looking in the mirror that your bio hair length is in fact getting quite long the natural growing way, one needs to snap out of it and relax some. The quest to long hair will always be on my mind but as far as trying to do any more semi permanent methods of extensions I’m calling it quits and closing that door for good.

Hair pieces are where it’s at. By the time the end of the year hits I’m sure my bio hair will be at the length I want it at. I just have to keep doing what I have been doing and all will happen when it happens.

And please don’t tell me told you so.

P.S. the tape-extensions will be added most likely to some hair pieces I already own. So I get my money’s worth out of them after all they just won’t be in my head.

On the bright side my hair is looking quite long.


Needing A Hair Pick Me Up

As everyone knows I’m obsessed with my hair. Well seeing that I have not grey but white hair mainly in the front of my head mixed in with my natural shade bothers me at the moment. I really tried to stick it out and grow out my natural color but those white hairs still bother me so I said fuck it and bought some hair colour.

I picked up L’Oréal Casting Creme Colour in 4G Dark Golden Brown. I’m pretty sure I’ve been this color before like sometime last year. Either way golden brown has red in it and my bio hair has red tones so I knew this would be a pretty color on me. The one thing I never paid much attention to before was they recommend for best results to wet your hair prior to application for best results which I honestly thought was kinda strange.

But to my surprise worked a lot easier. I used 1 box, as well an applicator brush and a small bowl. I took my time, section by section, using a hand-held mirror as well my mirror that is on my bathroom cabinet. I left it in my hair a little longer because of the white hairs. I should mention this is not permanent hair color and will wash out in 28 shampoos or so. I’m kinda amazed that by wetting your hair that it would be all over even but it makes sense some how.

I didn’t want to go as dark as I went before but still dark. And the nice thing is I won’t have an odd demarcation line when it fades which is also a nice plus. It’s cloudy here and the sun wasn’t out when I took the photo below. I also wanted a color refresh for when I go for job interviews and such. I just feel more polished.

Also my hair is so shiny so yay.

Here is a helpful video. Doesn’t matter what shade you pick but how you apply it for best results does matter.

Hey Girl Do You Wear You’re Wigs Anymore?

I recently asked one of my friends that exact question. I was like “Out of all the wigs you own do you wear any of them or just rock your own hair?”.

Her response was this “Hardly Ever”

Because we both have been growing our hair out. And yes I have sported a wig here and there but I don’t wear them all the time. I usually just forgo them and just rock my bio hair. Do I still love wigs yes I think I will always have a love for them. But the need or want to wear them all the time has faded.

Also with the higher prices that some of these wig companies are now charging for synthetic wigs it’s nuts more so the caucasian wig brands such as Jon Renau or Raquel Welch. No synthetic wig should cost $450+ if it doesn’t have 24K high lights or something lmao.

The higher quality wigs I own I will most likely keep and till they disintegrate ☺️, I guess I’m also not rocking wigs much any more in everyday life is because I have my own hair that is long enough that I can do many different styles with. Though wigs have come in handy for my burlesque acts which has been great.

I’ll always be a wig lover but as far as buying new wigs I don’t think I’ll be doing that for a long time. And if I ever do I’ll hunt the clearance sections first on the wig sites. I did just find out that the one beauty shop in the mall I go to sells clip-on ponys for a super great affordable price so that’s exciting.

Also some of the wigs I recently got I have sold some gave away some and I plan to donate the rest to the cancer salon here in town.

Over & Out

Urban Planet – Sirens Dress Haul

I was in major need of some cuter dresses for summer for going out and such to dress up or down that had more style. And Urban Planet is having some sick sales.

I will be doing a haul video for my YouTube channel as well.

I bought 8 and they all have spandex stretch in them and can be machine washed in cold water. Also with free shipping over $100 bucks it’s pretty sweet but if you don’t spend that much shipping is only $5.00.

This dress the colour and style I love ❤️ the most.