L’Oréal Casting Cream Gloss 503 Golden Chocolate 🍫

So nothing is more pleasing than a hair pick me up. And though my natural colour is quite pretty the grey isn’t. And let’s keep it real a colour refresh is pleasing. It makes you feel good. Everyone knows I’ve been on a brown hair colour kick for awhile and the last time I used L’Oréal Casting Cream Gloss was back in April the 25th to be exact. I had used the colour 4G Dark Golden Brown and it was a beautiful colour but very dark.

Well I wanted to try something different this time around and went for this colour. Once again I did what the pro tip was and dampened my hair before colouring it. I think it really helps with applying the colour.

The top photo is before & the bottom after.

It’s really not a huge difference just more richness to my color and shiny. I’m absolutely in love with it. I know in the sun light it will have lots of dimensions and the red will shine. One of my favourite things about the Casting Cream Gloss by L’Oréal is that because it’s not permanent there is no demarcation line when it wears out. And it blends your grey away but doesn’t completely cover them. And so they blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair.

Full review here

OGX Coconut 🌴 Oil Hair Mist

Since I’ve accepted my wavy / curly hair type I’ve also  succumbed to product collecting lol. Well I think I found my holy grail hair product. This stuff is amazing!!. It leaves your hair soft, touchable, and natural looking and it smells amazing it has coconut oil and bamboo extract in it.

My full review below

Got2B Beach Trippin Spray


I think I finally have the hang of this damn spray. So what it is is a salt infused spray to get your hair to wave up for mermaid hair.

Okay so silly me I’ve been using it all wrong. Or maybe it’s so humid out that it’s helped but I’m gonna go with the way I sprayed it into my hair.

It says to use it on damp or dry hair and to scrunch. Also to either blow dry or let the wind do the rest.

In the past I would spray quite close to my hair and it would leave my hair feeling crunchy and not overly pleasant but the trick to using this spray is it do it further away and sprints and scrunch.

Also I rarely ever use my blow dryer. And prefer to air dry my hair. Less damage and it never gets how I want it unless a stylist does it at a salon. But today I’ve finally mastered this spray. My hair still feels soft. It’s got beautiful waves in it and it’s full and healthy feeling and looking. Now that I know how to use it I’m thrilled.


I had been using Marc Anthony’s Beach Spray but it s a bit more than Got2Bs and I’ve had this bottle for a while now and I thought I did a review for it but I guess I didn’t. You can also use this spray if you have straight hair as well.

Walmart Sells it as well Amazon.

I think wavy hair is so pretty and effortless I’m just super thrilled that I now know how to use this spray. I think also to if your hair is to wet it wouldn’t work as well. Which I think has also been my problem in the past. I used about five sprays misting and scrunching. The further away from your hair the more of the spray spreads out. The better the results you will have.

When it comes to my hair personally on a day to day bases I really don’t do much with it. Usually I put 1 Velcro roller in my bangs and let the rest do whatever. But now using this spray the right way at least for me it will look put together like “Oh I just woke up like this” even though really I put some effort into it lol.


What’s your favourite beach spray ?

Using Clip-in Extensions For Highlights

Remember that set of extensions I bought last year from that beauty supply store the Strawberry blonde set If not click here.

Anyways the other day I put a few pieces in my hair sure they don’t match my hair color at all but who says they have to if you use them as high lights or low lights for that matter.

Today I threw a few piece in my hair and then braided it. It looks pretty cool if I do say so my self. Has anyone tried this before and if not would you?. Why damage your hair with bleach and foil high lights when you can just use extensions.


And then when you get sick of having them all you do is un-clip and your good to go. Also the clips on this set are super strong and stay put. You could also get the same effect if you wear tape-ins put a different color in and your set.

What do you think?

Piano & Curls

One of my friends who is a extremely talented piano player put together an event last night where he preformed some of his own songs as well other tunes. It was held at his work. He played on a Yamaha Grand Piano. It was a good turnout and some really beautiful songs. As well as this piece he wrote for his wedding. He’s exceptional and plays really beautifully. You know where you hear music and it’s like you’re in heaven. Some of the pieces he played last night was like that just bright white light. I’ve always loved piano music.

This is one of my favourite pieces of his. If you subscribe to his channel I’m sure his performance from last night will be uploaded soon.

I decided to get my hair all glammed up and it was my first time wearing out my flip-in hair extension that I made. It has monofilament wire doubled. And I sewed the two quad wefts together to make one piece. As you see below. It’s a 18 inch and 15 inch together to make a layered piece.

I couldn’t resist not rocking it. And after a little while I forgot it was on my head. Though at first I was afraid it was going to come off with the wind. But by my surprise it stayed put and till I removed it when I got home.

My whole look really came together and the dark brown really pops with the white jean jacket. I felt like a million bucks but super comfy and casual. Also side note that Marilyn tank. Last year when I got it it would drop down to low when I walked and showed way more cleavage than I wanted so I removed about an inch of fabric and then re stitched it and now it sits perfectly.

It was a nice relaxing evening with friends and then I came home had two glasses of wine before I fell asleep watching tv lol.

Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Essence

I find it difficult to find eye shadows without the shine. Most palettes have a ton of shimmer colours but lack matte shades. Sometimes you just want a soft eye look without all the shine.

I picked up this Palette at my local Shoppers Drug Mart for a hefty price lol of only $5.99. I even used a little of the medium dark shade on my brows.


You can pick your Palette up at either your Shoppers or here.

Happy Blending!